Clever Tales, Awesome Cosmopolitan Children’s Book iPhone App

Looking for a children’s book iPhone app with a lot of bang for your buck, then check out Clever Tales by AppGrade. Besides being filled with great kids stories, the stories included (40) are from authors all over the world. Most book applications for the iPhone have 1 story at best and cost upwards of $0.99. Clever Tales has 40 stories, with an average price of 12 cents a story, wow what a value. In addition to the great content the application user interface is very well designed. The main screen offers users stories for young children, children age 7 and up, and user contributed stories, which is currently empty, but a nice concept.

iphone app reviewiphone app review

The main navigation bar at the bottom has favorites, recents, tales, search, and information tabs which worked nicely during testing. Once the user enters into a tale there is another new navigation bar. This navigation bar allows for the ability to share a story on Twitter, Facebook, and through email as well as the feature of printing the story (nice touch). There is also a tab on this navigation bar to favorite a story and to change the reading mode from night to day (which by the way seems to also happen automatically) as well as the opportunity to change the contrast. Clever Tales is a rocking children’s app that provides a ton of age appropriate cosmopolitan stories for kids as old as Crazy Mike and I am old.

iphone app reviewiphone app review

iPhone App Details

Title: Clever Tales
Cost: $4.99
Category: Books
Developer: AppGrade
Store: iTunes App Store

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