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Zombiewood – Awesome iPad Zombie Shooter Game, Free! (Video)

Zombiewood is a funny Hollywood run and gun shooter game for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire devices. This free to play shooter game is action packed, not just because it takes place in Hollywood, but because there are lots of zombies to kill in this fast paced game!

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Zombiewood App Overview

In this game, you are the hero and star in movies that are similar to game packs which feature a variety of scenes (levels), all with a humorous and twisted plot line. You will find yourself pounding your way through levels with bats, guitars and other items when you’re not shooting wildly with the wide variety of guns provided.

Watch our Zombiewood iPad App Video to see how this game plays and to get a few tips!

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Zombiewood Zombie Shooter Game iPad App Video ReviewiPad App Video Review for Zombiewood

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