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Free Offroad Racing App – Teases You To Want More

Offroad Legends Sahara is the newest of Dogbyte Games’ “Offroad Racing” games, and is an excellently made teaser app to make you want more of this offroad racing action. You’ll get 3+ vehicles to get “offroad-racing crazy” in the Oasis Cup featuring 8 tracks of top quality gameplay for free, plus a perk. The full game (Offroad Legends) is a fantastic offroading game that features 90+ tracks and 4 vehicle categories — and is a bunch of fun to play. I consider this very well made app to be a sweet little teaser game that features an awesome sampling of what the full game offers.


You get to race FireStar (4×4), Hunter (Hummer), and Hector (Racing Semi-Truck) through the 8 tracks of varying difficulty providing a nice introduction to what you will get in the full-version (Offroad Legends). The “perk” you will get, if you choose to accept it, is by “Liking” the Offroad Legends Facebook Fan Page, which lets you unlock the super cool FreezeCo Ice-Cream Truck to race through the Oasis Cup. While the FreezeCo truck is not quite a 4×4 offroad racing legend, it is fun to try out as you pull off a front or back flip — if you’re feeling daring enough.

Offroad Legends Sahara is a solid and awesome game for free. Yes, you only get 8 tracks to race, but believe me, that’s enough to suck you into the full game, which sells for a paltry $0.99 — and it’s iOS Universal.

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