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Best Gift App To Find Cool, Interesting, And Unique Presents

Cool Hunting Gift Guide is a best gift app with the an awesome selection of present ideas for the holiday season and the rest of the year too. This free iPhone and iPad app will help you find the most interesting, unique, and coolest presents ever for everyone on your list. You will find 1,000+ items to browse in this Lifestyle app, which even includes specialized categories such as: Amazon, Fathers Day, Gifts That Give Back, Green gifts, HandMade, Mothers Day, Stocking Stuffers and many more. There are also a range of budgets, sensible filter/category choices, and a nice wishlist option that lets you save your favorites and email them to others. And another plus to this Cool Hunting app is that it gets updated regularly throughout the year so the selection stays fresh.

Best Gift App for the iPhone Review

The Cool Hunting Gift Guide best gift app delivers an entertaining “window shopping” experience, so grab your favorite drink and prepare for some fun and off-the-beaten-path present hunting. When you first open up this iOS app, you’ll see a photo gallery of random items that you can scroll through. However, I should point out that you’ll need an internet connection to be able to view all these great ideas. There’s a lot of eye candy to look at and items range from tried and true classics to fun and quirky and even just downright outlandish. Did you know that you can actually order a custom ice sculpture? Well, that is if you have $550+ dollars to spare and live within New York’s Tri-State area. But don’t worry, there are plenty of present ideas and budgets for everyone. Regular people can find lots of fantastic gift items here. One of my favorites is the jean-style cupcake pants called Muffin Top Muffin Cups ($14). The image of an actual cupcake/muffin spilling over the sides of the jean container is a funny but real reminder of how those extra holiday sweets can really pack on the pounds.

There are 2 main categories to select your search filters from: price range and specific category types. To get started just select your gift price filter. There are 7 budget ranges from under $25 up to $1,000+. For fun, check out the $1,000+ range. All the unique items in this best gift app can be filtered using the 35+ categories. It’s within these category filters that you will find and be able to purchase awesome treasures and goodies from websites such as: Amazon, Fab, The Fancy and many other unique websites.

Awesome iPhone Best Gift App Review

If you’re the “get in and get out” type shopper, you’ll love how these price and category filters effortlessly overlap and only pull back your chosen price range and category, allowing for quick shopping. The shopping categories are as follows: All, Accessories, Amazon, Art, Books Music and Film, Brick and Mortar, CH Edition, Clothing Shoes Accessories, Electronics, Fathers Day, Games, Games Toys, Gifts That Give Back, Green, Grooming and Health, Grooming, HandMade, Home, Home Office, Jewelry, Kids and Pets, Kids Pets, Kitchen Food and Spirits, Kitchen Food Spirits, Latest, Limited Edition, London Design Festival, Mothers Day, Office, Paper Goods, Provocative, Sports and Outdoors, Sports, Stocking Stuffers, Travel, Valentines Day, Watches, and Weddings. As you can see, there’s no reason you won’t be able to find amazing presents for everyone in this awesome present finding app. And one thing is for sure, won’t be bored by what you see.

I really enjoyed browsing through the Cool Hunting Gift Guide best gift app and actually found a lot of very cool stuff. As I perused the various categories and filters, I found myself excited and favoriting all kinds of interesting, bizarre and really cool items that I put on my wish list. It’s nice to be able to go back and view the collection of items on your custom wish list. And if you have really close family and friends who aren’t sure what to get you, this is great way to give them some ideas if they’re asking.

The only obvious downsides to this iPhone gifting app are the lack of search functionality allowing you to type in what you’re looking for and the actual buying process. When you tap on the “Buy” button for any product to purchase an item or find out more, you’ll exit the application and will have to re-enter again. I found myself really wishing there was an in-app browser to keep me in the app while shopping and exploring. Also, just so you know, I discovered a few mature/adult items while looking through this app that you may not want your kids to see, but aside from that, this is probably the best gift idea app I’ve come across to date.

The Cool Hunting Gift Guide app is “The” best gift app to help you discover the most interesting, unique, and coolest treasure trove of presents available.

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