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Bacon Alarm Clock – Rise and Shine Pig Lovers!

There probably isn’t another time-related application more critical to pork lovers than the new Bacon Alarm Clock for iPhone and iPad. Now you can rise and shine to the crackling sounds of a variety of bacon sounds within this free alarm clock app, featuring 10 sizzling bacon alarm sounds, snooze mode, and plenty of customization. Almost everyone I know loves a good piece of crispy bacon with eggs to start their morning (except possibly vegans, which is understandable).

But, for the rest of us meat eaters this funny iPhone app will get you out of bed with a variety of sizzling and irresistible bacon sounding alarms — the only thing missing is the delicious smell to go along with it. Maybe the iPhone 6 will come with smell?

The app itself is a pretty basic alarm clock app with “stupid-simple” intuitive steps to create multiple alarms. The app comes with a bacon alarm sound, but for “liking” the Bacon Alarm Clock Facebook Fan Page, I unlocked around 3 or 4 more. Not all alarm sounds are the sounds of fatty bacon frying up in a pan, some are well done acoustic blues-themed songs that have a great sound, and you can customize your alarm sound with your very own iTunes music if that’s what you desire. The other customization feature is the alarm clock background: use the stock pig wallpaper or change it to a picture from your own camera roll.


Personally, my favorite alarm sound was the Sizzle Dizzle and features the pure crisp greasiness of bacon frying in an iron skillet. Really, that’s almost enough to get me out of bed, but I need the smell — just not sure how to work this into the app? The Bacon Alarm Clock is a fun and silly iPhone Utilities application to get your day going with the scrumptious sounds of sizzling bacon. While bacon may no longer be the average person’s breakfast these days because we’re all worried about getting fat and clogging our veins with grease, this app is a great way to get your “bacon fix” without the health worries. So, if you’re in need of a bacon fix download this app for free — and if you’re on the fence then watch our Bacon Alarm Clock iPhone App Review for a look at how this iPhone app works.

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