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Banzai Blade – Endless (Slicing) Runner iPhone Game

Banzai Blade is a fast paced endless runner game where you slice your way through goblins, dragons, and other enemies like the Eternal Oni! Cartoon Network apps are some of the whackiest and funniest game apps for iPhone and iPad users.

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Banzai Blade, while not quite as funny as Regular Show – Nightmare-athon, it is a fun and action-packed ninja endless slicer running game! As you slice your way through goblins and dragons, you’re making your way to shrines to take on the “Eternal Oni” who sound tougher than they really are.



Banzai Blade has a mix of “Fruit Ninja” slicing action and endless runner gameplay that is served up in a forward facing runner game. The action is fast, so make sure you watch out for the dragon’s fireballs and be sure to upgrade your blade and armor. There are a few other items that will help you run farther, but to become the Banzai Blade master you must become one with your virtual hero. Banzai Blade is a great value for free and this game can be played on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

YouTube App Video Link: Banzai Blade iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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