This Battery App Will Help You Keep Your iPhone Fully Charged

The SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard battery app and process manager for iPhone shows you what’s going on with your iPhone at all times and helps save battery life.



Most people really don’t care what is going on in the background on their iPhone, as long as it is working. But, just about every iPhone user wants to know exactly how much battery life they have at any given time. And the SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard battery app is an iPhone utility app that does just that. This systems app keeps you updated on all the different processes that run in the background on your iPhone, which is great for techy types. But the most interesting part is that this battery app provides you with several views of your iPhone’s battery life and gives tips on how to get more battery life from your iPhone.

Check out all the features of this battery saver iPhone app by reading the description below.

SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard Battery App Features

– Battery
• Visual display of battery life.
• Multiple visual displays detailing battery status and use.
• Alarms to indicate charging status complete w/ accurate ‘time-to-charge’ displays.
• Full charge notification.
• Configurable Full Charge & battery Maintenance alerts.
• Tips on saving battery life.

– Memory
• Real time Wired, Active, Inactive memory visual status displays

• Visual displays of CPU use by system and user.
• Visual displays of running background applications and other system processes.

– Disk
• Visual display of disk space status and usage.

– Network
• Displays of cellular data network & Wi-Fi network statuses.
• Network data send/receive detail.
• Internet connection speed test.

– Generale
• Provide various information on device and operating systems.



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