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Battery Doctor App, Awesome Free Android Battery Saver (Video)

The Battery Doctor app is a great battery saver for your Android. This free application is a killer power management app with an insane amount of features.

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A big drawback for Android devices is battery life. Renegade apps and processes running in the background evade the average Android user, causing batteries to drain quickly. The Battery Doctor app by (KS Mobile) makes this nagging issue a non-issue with 1-tap-to-save-power Android optimization.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) comes with a load of settings to customize your battery saving experience to fit your needs. There are also some cool little tools to help you identify which apps are hogging the most power from your battery. And what if you want to turn off an app at startup? No fear, The Battery Doctor app can do that also.

This Android battery saver app is super easy to use, has a sexy user interface, and the best part, it’s free to download (see links below).

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  1. carsten says:

    This app has a fine and slick surface, but…. its a hocs… at least in Galaxy Note 2.
    It claims that it kills tha apps, set in your pref., but its dosnt.
    Its easy to tjek: Load a lot off apps, and leave the screen dark for 5 min. When you turn it on again, it tells you it have killed x number of your apps, saving x minutes…
    When I tjek what apps are running(program-manager), they are all still there…!!