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Free Android Tools App, Battery Saver 2 increases your battery time

Battery Saver 2 is a free Android battery saver app that is super easy to use and includes plenty of awesome features like simple memory optimization, customizable settings, different sleep modes, an app uninstaller, and more! Recently updated, Battery Saver 2 now makes saving your Android battery life even easier. Originally released in September of 2009, this Android Tools app has over 500,000 downloads and provides complete Android battery optimization – completely free. And as an extra bonus, you will also find several fun little Android guy animations and graphics that may encourage you to optimize your Android battery more often.

Battery Saver 2, Best Android Battery optimization app

Battery Saver 2 Overview

This battery optimization app was designed for those with little to no technical understanding. Purposely left out of the app are acronyms like CPU, RAM, GB and the like, making for a very user friendly app to help save and extend your Android battery’s life. Once the app is opened users are greeted with a giant green “Optimize” button to help you start saving battery life immediately.

Simply tap the big button and you get a percentage rating telling you how well your Android device’s battery is currently optimized. If you are satisfied, no need to optimize, if not, tap the “Optimize Now” button and enjoy the animated show while your battery is optimized. Once complete you will get a higher percentage than you had before because your Android has been optimized to provide more battery life.

Awesome Battery Management App, Battery Saver 2

If you really want to know what was optimized, there is a “Details” link that opens up a window and shows you every process that was optimized by the Battery Saver 2 app, but fair warning – this is rather technical. While this battery optimizing app’s main function is to quickly and easily save your Android’s battery life, there are also a number of other very helpful features.

Free Android Battery Saving Application

Additional Battery Saving Features

The bottom navigation bar features a Battery, Sleep Mode, Optimize (already discussed), Customize and Uninstaller tabs to further your Android battery life. So what do these tabs do?

Battery – This tab shows you all of your device’s remaining battery life. The information can be viewed in 2 ways, either “Till When” or “Remaining.” Information included is for Idle Standby, Talk Time, Web Surfing, Game, Audio Playback, Movie Playback and Reading. There is also a settings button, which provides you additional setting for notification alarm, battery charge notification, optimizer reminder, and a low battery warning.

Sleep Mode – Here you can select from 4 different modes to save a load of battery life for anytime you choose. There is Normal, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep and Super Sleep. The Light Sleep mode saves you 2x your battery life, Deep Sleep saves you 3x the battery life, and Super Sleep will save you 4x battery life.

Customize – This navigation tab lets you turn off or on WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Auto Rotation, Auto Sync, Screen Timeout, and Brightness Setting.

Uninstaller – This tab allows you to uninstall any non native Android app. Non native apps are those Android applications that you have downloaded from app stores.

Updated Android Tools App, Battery Saver 2 for easy battery optimization

Also Included A 4×1 Widget

Besides all of the above features, this free and easy-to-use Battery Saver 2 comes with a handy 4×1 widget. The widget shows your battery level remaining, current optimization level, sleep mode, and several customizable settings.

Battery Saver 2 is the perfect Android app for those looking for an inexpensive way to save battery life, while getting a lot of features at the same time. Get your free download for Battery Saver 2 from the Google Play App Store by clicking the download button below.

Download The Battery Saver 2 App Now!

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