Be A Crazy Panda, Chinchilla or Gorilla…Fun, Addictive Game!

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If you like fast-paced silly casual games, than you will enjoy Crazy Panda, by A-onesoft. This game features the option to play as either a crazy panda, a chinchilla, or a gorilla, the later 2 are unlocked through in app purchase. There are two game modes (classic and crazy) with the ultimate goal being to reach the highest score.

iphone game reviewsiphone app reviews

The differences between the two game modes are in classic mode: you use a slingshot to shoot your character at the enemies and you’ll lose the level if you fall into the water or a black hole. Crazy game mode uses the accelerometer to roll your character wildly into the enemies and if you fall into the water or black holes or other obstacle, you will re-spawn and be able to keep on playing. There are bosses to battle at the end of each game pack and 3 different scenes/game packs that can be played in both game modes totaling 72 levels of gameplay, and with more on the way. Crazy Panda is crazy fun and a solid casual game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Crazy Panda iPhone App Details

Title: Crazy Panda
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 12.0 MB
Developer: A-onesoft
Store: iTunes App Store

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Crazy Panda - A-onesoft

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Crazy Panda iPhone App Developers Description

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“Crazy Panda although extremely short is a fantastic and unique casual game. This is a must buy for all casual gamers.”——AppStoreArcade.Rating:9.0/10

“Another addicting puzzle game that will have you looking for the high score!”——TouchArcade GoofyJmaster.

A funny, casual puzzler you’ve never played!

*Goals: Defeat the enemies and bosses, and achieve the highest score!

*Two Modes: Use your slingshot to hit the flying panda or use gravity sensing to make your character to roll and kick-out the enemies!

*Three Characters: You can select Panda, Gorilla, or Chinchilla to defeat the enemies. Each has his own special ability!

*Four Scenes: Fight in the deep sea, Sky island, Forest etc!

Lasting fun with Crazy Panda! It simulates real physical effecst to make Combos! Experience this fun puzzler any time, any place!


1. Play 36*2 exciting levels, more levels will be coming soon!

2.Defeat the various bosses in 3 CRAZY stages; more will be coming soon!

3.Choose three characters to try different ways to play the game and add to the fun. Each character also has it’s own unique levels.

4. Two Game Modes: the classic slingshot mode and the CRAZY rolling mode!!! Experience the excitement you never had before!

5.The simulation of real physical effect to make hitting objects feel more realistic.

6.Join Game Center to share your scores and achievements with your friends!
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We plan on adding:
-New stages and levels
-More characters
-More Achievements

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