Become A Dueling Wizard with Astral Wars!

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The new iPhone game Astral Wars, by Oleksii Surdu, will draw your inner Harry Potter out in this multi-level dueling wizard game. This game is all about spells, spell casting and being the badest wizard on the Astral Plain. Your first mission when using this app is to create your very own wizard, complete with unique body part types and skin color. Next, you must enter a training period with a wizard who teaches you each spell you will use while playing this game. You will then embark upon gameplay either in the academy (level/grades) or through entering the Astral plain and battling it out in more of a free-style format. Users can play alone or play multi-player through bluetooth or WiFi. While playing as a wizard, your mission is to take on other wizards in spell-casting duels and win. As you play through the missions, you will come across items dropped by your enemies once you successfully defeat them. Items come in the forms of bracelets, staffs, clothing etc, and are plentiful during game play. The items you find will provide you with your spells and other character benefits, which will help you to defeat other wizards. Be sure to choose your spells carefully, as you don’t want to get caught off guard and be vanquished by your opponent. Astral wars has offensive spells such as lightening, fire arrow, etc., and defensive spells like shield, mana boost, and so on. The gameplay is extensive and there are lots of items to find to upgrade your wizard. The only purchasable items are potions and can be purchased once you sell found items that you do not want to keep. Astral Wars is a mythical wizard game that challenges you to be the last wizard standing. Lots of spells, lots of items, lots of gameplay in this spell-casting game. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

iphone app reviewsiphone app review

Astral Wars iPhone App Details

Title: Astral Wars
Price: $3.99
Category: Games
Size: 16.9 MB
Developer: Oleksii Surdu
Store: iTunes App Store

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App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
“Do you enjoy the thought of having magical powers? Well if so, then you may just learn to love Astral Wars…” (from review)

“Astral Wars is a unique take on a multilevel wizard dueling game, offering both single and multiplayer modes for magic duels. After an initial training period, you can either work your way through dueling school or cast out into the Astral plane to fight your way through goblins, orcs, mummies, harpies, and a host of other bad guys with spells such as Lightning Bolt, Mana Flux, and Meteor Shower. With four “grades” to progress through and an infinite variety of enemies on the Astral plane, Astral Wars promises challenging and adventurous fun…” (from review)

Magic portals to Astral were invented thousands of years ago by our Great Ancestors. Now nobody knows how they work or how to create them. We just use them as gates to the strange and wonderful Otherworld.

Every item and creature in Astral is full of mysterious magic powers and our wizards work days and nights to understand them. Wizards can easily identify type of almost all magic that items could contain. Unfortunately, not everyone can control such a high level of magic power. That is why we have the Magic Academy where gifted people learn to be magicians.

Prove that you are gifted and we will teach you how to use runes, items’ magic and sorcery. It could completely change your life. Astral is waiting for you!

(Signed by master wizard Zac)

– Unique spell casting interface: you have to draw your spell on the phone screen.
– Avatar constructor: create your own unique appearance.
– Multiplayer game (Bluetooth, WiFi).
– Interactive tutorial.
– A lot of different spells, items, monsters, locations, quests and other features.

– No advertisement
– More quests, locations and item types

What’s new

New game content:
– added 9 missions to the Tutorial (player has to start a new game)
– added 4th grade scenario with 10 new missions (paid version only)
– added 4 new Astral missions (paid and free version)
– added portals on missions, 2nd and 3rd level Astral missions were redesigned
– item drop rate on 1st grade missions was increased
– added Exceptional item types on 4th grade missions

Game balance changes:
– player’s HP regenerates after each battle
– Air/Water/Earth/Fire Mark spells damage bonuses were decreased from 100% to 50%
– Mana Flux spell is slightly boosted
– improved NPC AI with optimized spells usage
– increased drop rate of items in 1st grade Astral missions
– good and exceptional quality weapons will have 2nd level elemental attack spells only (Volcano, Tempest, Vortex or Meteor Shower)

UI improvements:
– warning on “Use” button if a player is already using an item in the same inventory slot
– game sounds can be enabled/disabled now (iPhone Settings->Astral Wars)

Bug fixes:
– its no longer possible to start a duel without required amount of money
– multiplayer game works properly with non-english player names now

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