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A Public Speaking App That Will Make You A Better Speaker!

If you want to learn how to become a better public speaker, then the “A better speaker” public speaking app is the way to go. A better speaker is an iOS Education app, by APPS2GO, that will definitely help you improve the way you speak. This public speaking and trainer app includes helpful photos, video lessons, fun practice exercises for breathing, posture, vocal technique, articulation, and a whole lot more.

Most people do not realize it, but one of the most captivating and powerful tools a person has is their own voice. Well spoken words have the ability motivate and influence others. After all, wars have been started and revolutions have begun with mere words. I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but words are powerful. So why not learn how to become a better speaker?

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While reviewing this iPad public speaking app it spoke to me (sorry for the corny pun). Since I do App Video Reviews, I need to be able to pronounce words clearly and quickly. And A better speaker is the perfect Educational public speaking app to learn how to speak more clearly and confidently.

How are you going to learn from an app? For starters, with the original A better speaker app purchase you get 10 exercises that address posture, vocal technique, breathing, articulation, consonants, vowels and presentation. You also get an introduction on how to become a better speaker, warm up exercises, as well as a voice recorder. At this point this public speaking app is a “learn at your own pace” educational tool.

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I found the lessons in this public speaker and training app to be rather enjoyable, even funny. For example, one of the warm-up exercises before “speaking” is what I call the motorcycle. The idea is to pretend like you are riding a motorcycle, but at the same time you make a motorcycle sound blowing raspberries. The video lesson for this warm-up exercise is awesome and the whole learning experience using the A better speaker app was pressure free and memorable. And while this exercise may seem a bit unorthodox, it is how the pros like Jonathan Tilley prepare to do their voiceover work. All the training in this app comes from Jonathan Tilley, a professional voiceover artist, and Jonathan Agar, also a professional voiceover artist and actor.

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While you do get a lot for the original app purchase, the content is really just a sample of what you can learn to become a better speaker. And if you really want to speak like a pro, you can purchase additional public speaking training content. Currently for only $4.99 more, you can buy 9 additional packages, each of which has 11 lessons covering the different areas mentioned above in much more detail. You can also purchase lesson packs separately for the specific areas of learning.

Learning how to become a better speaker is an art and a skill that could make a huge difference in a lot of things and for a lot of people. If you want to become a more articulate and effective communicator, you’ll want to give this Top Rated App a try!

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