Belly Jam, Play Tunes on a Nasty Belly, hmmm…Crap iPhone App

There are not too many iPhone apps I come across that I do not like. After all, to some degree iPhone apps can be considered creative pieces of work. In this case the iPhone app “Belly Jam” is a creative piece of crap. The main objective of this iPhone application is to find enjoyment out of tapping on a really disgusting looking beer belly. There are several different genera’s of music, if you can call it music that you can tap to on the different bellies. If you like 2D hairy, nasty, beer bellies and playing tapping out tunes on them, then this is your app. But, if you are like most normal people you will probably want to steer clear from 1) wasting your time downloading this free app and 2) not paying for the in app purchase to remove ads in this app. Watch the iPhone app video above to see why this is a CrazyMikesapps “Crap App.” CM

Belly Jam App Details

Title: Belly Jam
Cost: FREE ($0.99 in app purchase to remove ad’s)
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Marcus Scherer
Store: iTunes App Store

Developers Website

CrazyMikesapps Head Rating 2 out of 5 heads

Belly Jam App Downloads

Belly Jam - Marcus Scherer

belly jam entertainment iphone app

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

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