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Expendable Rearmed, One Of The Best Shooting Games for Android! (Video)

One of the best shooting games for Android I have played is Expendable Rearmed, by Retrobomb. This dual stick “arcade shooter” features console quality graphics, intense shoot’em up gameplay, loads of destructive weapons, and subtle camera changes that are insanely awesome.

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Expendable Rearmed was inspired by Rage Software’s Expendable game for the PC, and while I’ve never heard of that game, this new version for mobile devices is exceptional. Typically I turn to the iOS platform for “Best Shooter Game Apps,” but for once I have come across a “Best Shooting Games for Android” that rivals or is better than many iPhone or iPad games. This Android shooter game takes you on a dark journey through futuristic planets where you battle against bio-mechanized enemies dropped from the sky. There are hostages to rescue, lots of weapons to use: machine guns, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, and secrets to find. Expendable Rearmed plays like an R-Type game, but instead of flying you’re walking or running through the different environments.

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*This app is no longer available in the Google Play App Store.

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