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Bingo Bash HD, Best Bingo Game for iPad (Video)

Bingo Bash HD bingo game for the iPad turns bingo into a fun game for everyone. This free iPad bingo game features a huge variety of bingo rooms, live real-time online multiplayer bingo, and bonuses for regular play.

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But my low expectations dissolved after playing a couple of games. This bingo game is “Bingo on Steroids” and has a lot of new variables that make this virtual bingo so much fun to play. For starters, there are a large number of bingo rooms split into Wonder Rooms and Featured Rooms. Wonder Rooms mostly feature popular iconic world places like the Grand Canyon, Rome Colosseum, Sphinx in Egypt, and Draw 5 is slipped in there for some reason.

The fun part for me is the online multiplayer gameplay, that’s on a level playing field. There are typically at least 100 or more players a game and everyone has access to power-ups. The power-ups provide instant daubed numbers, instant bingo, chips, gems, and coins, all of which are used in this game to play longer and buy power-ups. Bingo Bash HD can be played totally for free if you have will power.

Bingo Bash HD is by far for me the best iPad bingo game because it is free and I can play for free or spend a few extra bucks if I want to take my chances with the bingo wheel.


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