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A Best Grocery List App To Shop Faster, Easier And Smarter

Looking for a best grocery list app to help you shop faster, smarter and easier? Then the Buy Me a Pie! Classic – Grocery Shopping List app is the Productivity app for you. This best grocery list app allows you create up to 8 shopping lists within the app, easily manage and share lists in a variety of ways, and offers awesome real time synchronization.



Since grocery shopping is a dreaded chore for most of us, having a simple, neat, and well organized shopping list makes the chore a lot more tolerable. Plus, you’re less likely to forget things or give into impulse buys if you stick to your grocery list plan. Which is where the Buy Me a Pie! Classic – Grocery Shopping List app comes in.

I consider this iPhone and iPad application to be a best grocery list app for several reasons. There’s not a lot of unnecessary clutter to confuse or bog you down. And its simple design and minimalistic user interface makes it easy to use. In fact, the developer, Skript, even states that this best grocery list app is “used by children and seniors.” No offense to children or seniors, of course.

Buy Me a Pie! simplifies the whole grocery list making process. To create a grocery shopping list, you start on the page simply titled “Shopping List.” Here you’ll find a little bit of instruction and a few icons to guide you. Just type your list name and get to adding items on your shopping list.



Once you start typing an item in, the auto prompter will start generating word options and you’ll see many color coded grocery items populate underneath. In this best grocery list app, all you have to do is tap an item word, without having to type it in fully, and it’s then added to your list. These automated features are great time-savers, especially when you’re in a hurry.

You’ll discover that the shopping items listed on the app’s pre-defined list are common item names and are color coded (the developer calls this list a dictionary). You can search the app’s list using 2 filters: ABC or by color coded group. You won’t find any brand names or really fancy products in their pre-defined list. However, if you don’t find your item listed, you can easily add any item and only have to type it in once. Once you type the item or brand name in, it will automatically be added to your current list and to the app’s pre-defined item list for next time.

When adding your own items to a list, you also have the option to select a colored box, which allows you to easily group your newly added items with similar colored items on the app’s pre-defined list. All grocery list items show up in alphabetical order on your list (alphabetized within each color coded group).



All the listed items are color coded and broadly grouped (green for produce, pink for toiletries and cleaning products, red for meat, blue for breads, snack foods, etc., and orange for pantry type foods). When making your list, you can add quantity amounts as well to each item on the list. However, the Buy Me A Pie app doesn’t give you any pre-defined measurement options. So, you have to come up with those on your own.

This best grocery list app lets you create and duplicate lists in a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds. Adding, deleting and editing items on and off the list is as easy as using your finger to swipe, tap and long hold on any item. And sharing lists is a breeze too. With Buy Me A Pie!, you can send your lists via text messages and email. You can also print any list out if you need to.



Although you can manage and share your lists using the list manager function with just the app alone, if you want to synchronize (have your copy transfer to other user devices and vice versa real time), you’ll have to create a simple account and have everybody use that 1 account. Synchronization can be done using the website or mobile devices to keep everybody instantly up to date. This best grocery list app also has a BUMP feature that lets you synchronize between specific iOS devices with a simple touching/bumping of your mobile devices.

I tested this synchronization function out to see how well it worked between my iPhone and my MacBook Pro. It was instant and pretty impressive. However, the BUMP functionality between my iPhone and iPad wasn’t as smooth. If you find that the app’s lack of real instruction isn’t enough for you, I suggest you go to the website. On the website under the Help & Support area you will find great explanations on all the app’s features and functionality. Once you read the info, you’ll discover how simple, easy, and convenient this application really is.

Overall, there’s a lot of great things to like about this simple and intuitive grocery list app. The Buy Me a Pie! Classic – Grocery Shopping List app deserves to be on everyone’s Best Grocery List App list.

* 11/08/13, Grocery List – Buy Me a Pie! regularly sells for $5.99, but is now a free app for a limited time. Make the grocery shopping chore a lot easier and pick up this best grocery list app today.

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*Disclaimer – Since most app price drops are temporary, we cannot guarantee how long this app will be free.

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  1. I’m loving this…. it beats others like it b/c I can sync it between devices… lol so if the hubby needs something he can put it on the list for me 😛 & FREE at the moment so YAY lol Great review,share TY !!

  2. Steve Spencer says:

    Mark!t is a simple pen & paper grocery list replacement for Android. No online account needed.


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