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Best Park In The Universe Kicks Butt (Video)

Best Park In The Universe – Regular Show, by Cartoon Network, is a butt-kicking beat’em up game for iOS, Android and Amazon. Join Mordecai, Rigby and Muscle Man as you beat your way through regular or endless gameplay modes. Save the “Space Park” before Benson catches wind that things are screwed up….again!

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Best Park In The Universe – Regular Show is a decent fighting game featuring some of your favorite Regular Show characters. Currently, you find Mordecai, Rigby and Muscle Man, but there are more characters and gameplay coming. So is the $2.99 price worth it? Yes, because there are no in app purchases and more content coming. And no, because the game is limited from a “fun factor” due to the swipe-to-fight gameplay. However, one benefit is that your forearms could become massive if you get good at this game.

Bottomline, Best Park In The Universe – Regular Show is an above average game, but can become repetitive. However, new characters and gameplay make this Cartoon Network Regular Show app a decent purchase.


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