Best Personal Finance App Manilla Helps You Track Finances On The Go!

The Manilla Bills and Reminders app is a best personal finance app for Android and iPhone, which helps you track your finances on the go. With the Manilla app, you can easily organize and keep track of your finances from your mobile device. And since this feature-rich app syncs with the website, you get the convenience of managing all your bills and finances from the comfort of your mobile phone. Currently, Manilla has 3,000+ participating businesses that you can track within this free Finance app, and you can also set up custom bills like dry cleaning, dentist, and etc.

Manilla - Best Finance AppsBest Personal Finance App

This easy-to-use app features buckets for all your financial information in the following 3 areas: reminders, documents and accounts. Each of the 3 main areas in the Manilla Finance app have additional functionality that ties this app with the website, providing a “one-stop bill paying experience.” While you cannot directly pay bills with the app, you can access billers’ websites within the app and make payments that way. You can also keep track of all your bill due dates, bill details, and access bills with the integrated PDF viewer. The built in browser also keeps you inside this app while interacting with your various billers.

You’ll find that the Manilla Finance app is also very fast and intuitive with “dumb-downed” settings, so you’re not overwhelmed learning how to use the app. This allows you to get up and running (with this application) much quicker than with many other Finance apps. The Reminders section of this app is more or less your dashboard and this is where you end up when you open the app.

Manilla Best Personal Finance App ReviewManilla A Best Personal Finance App

The Dashboard is the most important part of the Manilla app because this is where you are notified of all upcoming bill payments or other financial obligations. You can find submenus in this area to access your documents, individual settings for each account, and overall settings for the application. The Documents main tab is a queue for reading all account-related documents, typically bills. You’ll also find that the built in PDF viewer is well made and has simple functionality that will let you read your bill even if you forgot your readers, using the zoom feature. The Accounts tab is where you will search and setup all your financial, rewards, and subscriptions. Once you tap on the “+” to add an account, you will immediately get Popular Financial, Household, Subscription, and Travel and Rewards business suggestions. You can also search the business database for the more than 3,000 participating businesses to see if the one you’re looking for is there. I was surprised to see that there were even some small local businesses included in this app.

After using the Manilla app, I think that this app is easily one of the best personal finance app for iPhone or Android devices. This free Android Finance app will help you track your bills and reward points, and with the “bill reminder” feature, you can say goodbye to late fees and loss of reward benefits.

Manilla – Bills and Reminders can be downloaded for the Android or iPhone using the App Store links below!

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