Best Sports App For Android – Thuuz Sports, A Google Play Best App!

An easy choice for a best Sports app for Android is the Thuuz Sports app. Chances are, you have never heard of the Thuuz Sports app before, however, if you are even remotely interested in any sports at all you will want this awesome Android Sports app. The reason this Android app is so good is that it is extremely easy to find sports video highlights, when games start, and what games are on each day. Although you may not have ever heard of the Thuuz Sports Android app before, after reading through this app review you’ll want to hurry to Google Play and download this app.

Thuuz Sports App A Best Sports App For Android Review


The major sports tracked are MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, NCAA Football and NCAAB. But you will also find sports information for soccer, tennis, rugby, cricket, and PGA golf all in this awesome Sports app. The hub of this best Sports app for Android is the vertical navigation that can be accessed at the left top of any screen in the application. Once accessed, the main navigation provides for a profile where you can customize your sports team consumption. There is a feed where you can view all of the news feed info as well as loads of video highlights. There is also a new Fantasy tab to get free Fantasy Sports information. But one of the best parts of this application is the Guide tab. The Guide provides you daily sports information for all supported sports. By tapping on this queue, I could quickly see all NBA, NHL, and NAACB games for the day. And by tapping on any of the games I could get a news feed for any news about the game, as well as a preview of the game. Even better, the Thuuz Sports app tells me if I can listen online and provides me a place to do so. It also quickly provides TV outlets airing the game and provides sports bars in my areas where I can watch the game.

The Thuuz app is an easy choice for best sports app for Android


Like other quality Sports app, this application provides a load of nice extras. There are, of course, stats for all teams, league standings and even a highlight feed to watch video highlights, as well as get other timely sports information. Thuuz Sports has also added a community feature allowing you to invite friends, follow sports experts and share your favorite sports information.

The Android Thuuz Sports app is easy to use, tracks the sports you want, and helps you to find the best rated games happening now, which is why this is a best Sports app for Android and a 2013 Google Play App Of The Year! This app is also available for the iPhone and Kindle Fire HD too.

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