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theScore Mobile, Best Sports App for iPhone (Video)

theScore Mobile is one of the best iOS sports apps in the iTunes App Store. This iPhone Sports app give you just about everything a casual to hardcore sports fanatic could want: real time scores, a variety of alerts, major league sports, other sports leagues, favorite queue, fantasy team option, game summary and much more.

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The user interface is super easy to figure out and since this app came out it has been updated no less than 28 times,most recently on 01/10/13, which means they continue to add new and better features regularly. A feature that many will like is the free sports alerts that this app provides. You can set a number of alerts such as when a game starts, ends, when a game score changes, etc. all for free.



Another feature that is very cool is the option of adding any team schedule to your iPhone calendar, even if it is tied in with your Microsoft Exchange calendar like my iPhone is. For those who are not satisfied with major league US sports in the “Other” sports leagues, there are several soccer leagues, tennis leagues, and even the ICC Cricket league, that’s what I am talking about!

If you’re more interested in sports scores, sports teams, having all your favorite teams in one place, creating groups for your different fantasy team players, and getting score alerts, then the Best Sports app for anyone with an iPhone or iPad is definitely theScore Mobile.

YouTube App Video Link: theScore Mobile iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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