Devil’s Attorney, One Of The Best Strategy Games For iPad!

Devil’s Attorney is one of the best strategy games for iPad. This turn-based strategy game has you playing as Max McMann, a recent law school graduate, now a defense attorney, who works his way up from “rags to riches.” You (Max) start out representing small-time, sick, deranged, and despicable clients in this 80s themed strategy game.

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Devil’s Attorney provides a fun and sarcastic look at defense attorneys, prosecutors, and the criminals on trial in this iPad strategy game. Max is a very “green” defense attorney working low-budget criminal cases at the start of the game. You must use your wit, tenacity, and blind luck to beguile the prosecution to win cases. The riches of your success lead to joyful world comforts like jacuzzis, expensive Italian shoes, and other intrinsic items that also provide a benefit to you in the courtroom.

Devil’s Attorney is one of the best strategy games for iPad because it is funny, challenging and quirky. Each case in this turn based strategy game has 9 bases to protect from going to “ZERO” or you’ll lose the case. The game begins with some trash talk between you and the Prosecutor, then the case sets up and you take first turn. The case goes back and forth until one side is out of points. When Max wins he is rewarded with cash, which starts out low, but increases as Max becomes a better defense attorney. The cast of characters in this iOS strategy game are funny, which is also why this is one of the best strategy games for iPad in my opinion.

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Max faces off against a cast of different prosecutors throughout the game that get better as the game goes on. All prosecutors have their own “special” power-up to make each case strategy different, and you will have to withstand witnesses, evidence, and experts testimony to win. There are a variety of strategic action moves that you can use during your turn, each costs an action point and you only get around 9 action points a case. So use them wisely.

For example, an Objection takes 1 witness or evidence out for 1 round causing damage to the prosecution’s case. Some of the other action moves are: Cross Examine, Patronize, Evidence Tampering, all of which cause damage to witnesses and evidence. There are also special moves that can be earned by obtaining items for your apartment/wardrobe.

devils attorney best strategy games for ipad


The game includes a load of humor with the various criminals and their charges. And while the story may be “tongue and cheek” it still takes good strategy to win cases. The game may feel a bit repetitive at times with little change to the courtroom, and at times facing recycled prosecutors in the second game pack. But, this is still one of the best strategy games for iPad because of the funny storyline, challenging gameplay, and the 80s retro theme.

* 11/09/13, Devil’s Attorney regularly sells for $2.99, but is currently free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users for a limited time. Devil’s Attorney is also on sale in the Google Play and the Amazon Android App Store for only $0.99, also for a limited time.

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