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Big Bang Whip App – Always Funny When Used (Video)

Big Bang Whip apps became outrageously popular when one was used on an episode of the Big Bang Theory. As seen on TV, this Big Bang Whip app is perfect to pull out and use when you feel like someone needs a whipping or as a reminder that they are “whipped.”

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There are plenty of occasions in everyday life a Big Bang Whip app could be used. For example, your buddy can’t go to the game because he has to attend his wife’s baby shower (Insert Big Bang Whip App Sound Here). Your kid hits a mailbox on the way home from school with the family car (Insert Big Bang Whip App Sound 2x).

There are a bunch of Big Bang Whip apps to choose from. This Bing Bang Whip app is free, and easy to download and use. You either tap the screen to make the whip sound or use your Android Mobile Device as a whip with your hand to activate the whip sound.

The Big Bang Whip app is perfect to use anytime you need to correct someone, put someone in their place, or just feel like whipping someone!


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