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Big Business Deluxe for Android – Become A Virtual Billionaire! (Video)

Become a virtual billionaire while playing the free Android app, Big Business Deluxe, a time-management strategy game where you “build your own business empire from the ground up!” This is another well made time management strategy game that puts you in the boss’s seat right from the start. Your goal in short: become the next Donald Trump.

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Game Overview

The method is easy as you go through a quick training session on how to produce an item, sell it, and build houses to get more workers. It’s up to you to make the right decisions on what to build, where to put roads, trees, etc., because there are a lot of moving parts to a successful business empire. Players will start off in a set geographical boundary, but the overall objective in Big Business Deluxe is to grow, grow, and grow expanding your business empire beyond what you started out with, which will take some expanding of neighboring parcels of land and lots of hard work.

Big Business Deluxe provides a great virtual entrepreneurial experience for those who love strategy and have always wanted to build their own business empire.

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Big Business Deluxe Android App Video ReviewBig Business Deluxe Android Game Video Review

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