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Big Business HD – Become A Virtual Billionaire for FREE!

Become a “Gazillionaire” with the new iPad game Big Business HD (Free) — virtually, of course! This iPad time management game lets you take charge of your very own city and be the boss building a thriving business empire — but there is a lot to do in this strategy game so plan on staying busy. Are you up for the challenge? Big Business HD is a rather challenging game, and being a small business owner I can attest to the many activities, decisions, and things you have to do to keep things running successfully. This game starts you out with a basic city infrastructure, roads, farm, manufacturing plant, houses, city center, and even a hot dog stand. Your goal is to manage your city by making decisions to build, not to build, produce, increase technology and ultimately earn revenue while at the same time keeping your citizens happy, which is quite a feat if you ask me.

I have played quite a few of these style games, and while playing this game I got a reality check, meaning a lot happens and you need to pay attention to keep things going in the right direction. There are various buildings such as houses, factories, coffee shops and more to build, many of which are unlocked as you level up. There are roads to build, contracts at manufacturing plants to negotiate, and bonuses to use that will enhance your ability to succeed. The bonuses consist of Rookie, Time and Experience bonuses that help you each in their own way, and you’re given a few bonuses to get you started for free. You are given a certain amount of money to start out with and can gain more by sharing this game on Facebook and Twitter, as well as by completing goals throughout the game — not to mention producing and selling goods. Additionally, you are given $2,000 coins daily, all in all a good deal. Remember, you can play this game for free if you desire. However, if you want to really ramp up your game speed, you can purchase coins and bucks through in app purchase.

I found this game to be extremely active, with loads of things to do and rarely do a few seconds go by where you do not have something to tap on to collect: like money or people to produce or to obtain a new goal. There are fires (literally) to put out, citizens to please and room to expand, but it all comes at a cost. As you play through, the more goals you complete the faster you will level up, which will earn you more revenue to keep the process going. There is a great deal to do in this Free Big Business Time Management game whether you choose to play just for free or get more aggressive and increase your speed and performance through in app purchase on your way to becoming a virtual billionaire or “Gazillionaire.”

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