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Bike Race Free, Simple Yet Fun Physics Bike Racing Game (Video)

Grab your virtual helmet cause you’re gonna need it when playing Bike Race Free – by Top Free Games, a physics-based iPad and iPhone bike racing game.

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Bike Race Free features 9 game environments, 72 tracks and single or multiplayer gameplay. The game difficulty gets amped up fairly quickly in this game. But, you can use 1 of the 3 downloadable bikes to give you an edge in this game, but they come at a steep in app purchase price. The lowest of the 3 costs is $1.99 and the most expensive will run you $6.99 which to me is a little expensive.

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My take on this game is to play it for free, and if you want to make an in app purchase then go for the cheapest bike, which is the Ghost Bike.

I enjoyed playing the Bike Race Free, but as far as the pricing for in app purchases goes, it’s really kind of expensive.

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Bike Race FREE iPad Game App Review


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