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Bill the Fish – An Encouraging Children’s Story

Bill the Fish (by InteractBooks) is a simple and witty interactive story about a regular fish named Bill. Bill is fine being a regular fish and he doesn’t get upset that he is not smaller, taller, bigger, rounder, or anything else — he’s just happy being himself. As the story goes on, we get to meet many of Bill’s underwater friends, some could actually be considered a bit weird and quite different than Bill. You will meet many of Bill’s fish friends: some fat, small, skinny and more.

This likeable story is written by Brett Curzon, and the graphics throughout are simply awesome, making this positive message book one that can easily be enjoyed by both children and parents alike. The book has excellent navigation, especially for young ones, and the story can be read with the aid of a narrator by tapping on the speaker on any page, or you can read aloud to yourself.

Bill the Fish iPad Kids BookBill the Fish iPad Kids Book

There is a menu option on each page that when tapped on opens up an index of each and every page in this interactive kid’s book. As far as interactions go, there are many to enjoy such as an easel that kids can draw on, and lots more. Also, on each page throughout the book, there are several items to tap on to see what fun and silly sounds and animations occur — I personally enjoyed looking for Bill’s snail friend throughout the whole story. Bill the Fish is a simple and unassuming book about a regular and unassuming fish, who is content with himself — even though he is rather normal. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Bill the Fish iPad App Details

Title: Bill the Fish
Price: $2.99
Size: 76.2 MB
Category: Books
Developer: InteractBooks LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

Bill the Fish iPad App Download Link

Bill the Fish - InteractBooks LLC

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Bill the Fish iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
InteractBooks is proud to bring you another wonderful interactive book for the iPad and iPhone. This wonderful book written by Brett Curzon about Bill the fish explores the amazing world of life under the sea, where being different is celebrated as not only normal but beautiful.

Today our precious children’s individuality is constantly threatened by the manufactured expectations portrayed in the media, sorely affecting self esteem.

Bill the fish, the spokesperson from the book, will teach your children that being different is what makes the world wonderful and like Bill, no matter how we look to others, we are happy, being ME.

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