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Birds On A Wire – Humane Match 3 Android Game!

Birds on a Wire (by HeroCraft Ltd) is a fast-paced match 3 game with 5 colorful and challenging game modes, lots of special bird power-ups and 50 engaging levels where you humanely match like-colored birds to save them from the much larger cannibal bird waiting to eat them at the other end of the line. If you like birds and match 3 games, you will like this game for sure, and even if you don’t like either, you will probably still like this Android Casual game. The objective in this game is to save the mindless marching birds from walking into the large, evil bird’s mouth at the end of each game board’s line. The colored birds march while in a trance of sorts along a line that winds, twists, and turns, but abruptly ends up feeding a much larger bird.

You are armed with other colored birds that you shoot by tapping on the screen to form matchs of 3 or more to save and remove the birds from the game board. You must fill up the bird save meter in the top middle of the screen to complete each level and you are timed on how long this takes you. You can earn coins to purchase special birds that will make a big impact on your game, i.e., bomb bird, Kamikaze bird, etc. The action is fast and the birds speed up as you go farther into the game. Fortunately, there are a variety of super helpful power-ups in the form of symbols on many of the birds, once you match 3 or more to a bird with a power-up, the brief action of that power-up takes effect. Power-ups include reverse, pause, aim assist and many others — too many to list. This is a very nice match 3 game that has 50 levels in Adventure Mode, includes Arcade and Action game modes (requires the first 20 levels be completed), and 2 Endless game modes for plenty of gameplay.

Personally, I like this type of match 3 game. Shooting birds out of cannons to make colored matches while the line of birds impatiently march closer to their impending doom is a nice challenge. I played this game only in Adventure game mode advancing from 1 “foxhole” or cannon, to having 3, which is helpful, but can also be confusing. One tip I have for you is to be sure you have the correct colored bird, especially when using 3 cannons. You can change a bird’s color at times before shooting, but this is limited, and sometimes you may not get what you expected. One other thing, you cannot shoot birds wildly away that don’t match your opinion of a useful color, they will bounce off the screen and land on the game board. There are other surprises you can find along the way while playing this game. Overall, this is a really fun match 3 game that played smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus — be humane and save the birds. Be sure to watch the Birds On A Wire Android video app demo for a complete look at how this Android Casual gameplays.

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