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Black Shark HD – Very Realistic 3D Simulation iPhone Game

Jump into the cockpit of Black Shark HD, the new iPhone 3D Simulation Game, and fire up your Russian Black Shark K-50 helicopter. This is a very realistic 3D simulation game featuring 12 in-depth missions, free fly gameplay, and loads of realistic effects. Once you start the engine on the Black Shark K-50, you will begin to experience a very believable helicopter flight and battle sim game. From take off to landing this 3D sim game, while not easy, is not too difficult either. There a load of subtle and realistic touches beginning with the heads up display (HUD). There is a cockpit HUD view with customizable HUD color display and several black/white zoom modes for target acquisition, which looks quite awesome. Flying the Black Shark is fairly intuitive, but some basic flight controls need to be used to take off, navigate height, speed and especially landings, which can easily be flubbed causing you to crash.

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You have to play through the tutorial for Mission gameplay, but if you want to learn on your own, head over to the Free Play and fly around the Desert or Russia and destroy whatever gets in your way. Practice flying and landing. I suggest you also learn how to use the Altitude setting, which is in the main flight screen. Most of the terrain in this game revolves around mountainous regions, which will cause you to have to adjust your speed and height, or you will perish as you crash. This game is a very well done 3D sim game and features some stunningly realistic graphics, specifically in Mission 5.

Black Shark HD is another great 3D Simulation game by iTechGen and plays fantastically on the iPhone.


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