Blasties: Chain Reaction iPhone Game Like Dominos — But Better!

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Blasties (by Seven Thirteen) is an exploding chain-reaction-style game featuring 168 levels of blast-popping fun, with over 40 upgrades, 35 in Game Achievements, and a bunch of unique blasties. Blasties are little round creatures that explode, each with its own method of bursting, that provides for an interesting casual-puzzle-gaming experience. This indie iPhone game’s objective is to explode all the moving blasties on the gameboard with one tap on the blastie of your choice. Tap carefully, because your original blastie explosion has to set off all the others on the gameboard, first to achieve your goal, and second to get as many stars as possible (3 max) a level.

Blasties iPhone Game App ReviewBlasties iPhone Game App Review

There is a nice variety of blasties ranging from a simple time-delayed explosive blastie, to a gas exploding blastie (whose vapor sets off other blasties). The gameplay may seem simple at first, but getting all the stars is not that easy as one would think. However, replaying levels allows you to get the needed stars to unlock the 2 additional game packs in the game, with apparently more game packs in development. You can also upgrade your blasties to increase their “blastabilities,” which helps for clearing the gameboards. There is a second game mode called Tap Trials that will teach you the art of blastie tapping, and provides for some additional fun gameplay. Blasties is an enjoyable chain-reaction casual game that could get you hooked if your not careful. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Blasties iPhone App Details

Title: Blasties
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 9.2 MB
Developer: Seven Thriteen
Store: iTunes App Store

Blasties iPhone App Download Link

Blasties - Seven Thirteen

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Blasties iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Chain reaction style gameplay with a twist!

The Blasties are here to stay, unless you can pop them all! Don’t let your phone be overrun with these little creatures.

See how many Blasties you can pop with only one tap. In this game of chance, timing is everything!

Use points to unlock upgrades like additional taps, laser duration, and blast size!

Try to unlock all 35 achievements recognized in Game Center and Openfeint!

See if you can collect three stars on every level because one or two just isn’t good enough!

* 168 Infested Levels
* Over 40 Upgrades
* 35 In Game Achievements
* Star Rating System
* Survival and Tap Game Modes
* Openfeint Enabled
* GameCenter Enabled

More ratings will help us release more levels and more Blasties for free!

What’s new

Minor enhancements on text.
Fixed achievements bug related to stars.

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