Blend: The Game, A Simply Challenging Color Matching Puzzle Game for iPhone and Android

If you’re a fan of puzzle games and block matching games, then Blend: The Game is a new and challenging mobile app that should grab your attention. Especially since this casual iPhone and Android puzzler is a bit more tricky than your average block matching or gem matching game.

Why? Because you only get so many moves to create matches of 3 or more like colors of blocks to score points. Another factor that adds an additional layer of difficulty to this game is that to create matches of 3 or more colors, you will have to “blend” blue, yellow, and red colored blocks to form orange, purple, and green colored blocks to keep the matches going.

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Blend: The Game Overview

Like most matching games, Blend: The Game requires players to match 3 or more blocks of like color to remove them from the game board and score points. Of course, the more same colored blocks you match at the same time the more points you will score. This sounds easy enough, but the reality is that it’s a bit more challenging than it sounds.

This is because there are 6 colored blocks to work with in this game, 3 primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and 3 secondary colors: purple (red + blue), green (blue + yellow), and orange (red + yellow). When each game starts you are presented with a colorful and minimalistic game board containing 42 different colored blocks from all 6 colors.

Blend The Game, New iPhone Puzzle Matching Game

Now the real challenge kicks in. You only have 20 moves for each game to score as many points as you can. Points are scored for each match of 3 (3 points), matches of 4 (5 points), and the more same colored blocks you match at one time the more points you will earn. However, the trick is to figure out when and where to match the primary colored blocks (red, blue and yellow) to turn them into secondary colors to make larger matches of 1 like color. Thankfully, there are 2 really useful power-ups to help you in your conquest to score massive points.

There is an Extend power-up and a Paint power-up that can be game changers as you try to beat your high score. The Extend power-up adds 5 additional moves to your game. You get 2 Extend power-ups with your first download of this free iPhone and Android game, and if you score 200 points in a round you will earn this power-up for free. You can also buy 5 Extend power-ups for only $0.99.

The other helpful power-up is the Paint power-up. The Paint power-up changes the color of a single block, but it will cost you one move. This can come in handy, especially if changing 1 block will give you a larger match, ultimately scoring you more points. Like the Extend power-up you get 2 Paint power-ups with your initial download of this free game. You may also purchase 10 Paint power-ups for only $0.99.

Blend The Game for iPhone and Android

Since each game is not timed but governed by moves, you will find it smarter to plod your moves strategically to maximize your point scoring for each turn and to set up your next turn to score points. Or you can figure out your own method to “best” your high score.

Additional Features

Blend: The Game allows you to share your game scores on Facebook and Twitter, and you can see your high scores ranked on Apple Game Center leaderboards as well as Google Game Center leaderboards.

One thing is for sure, you won’t be bored when playing Blend: The Game. It’s definitely not as easy as it look but it’s a lot of fun to play, and it provides tons of replay value. Best of all, this puzzle matching game is free and does not have any ads included in the app to hinder your playing experience, just optional in-app purchases.

Do yourself a favor and download Blend: The Game for free to give this puzzle matching game a try. Once you get into this game, you may just find yourself playing over and over. Feel free to use our app download links below to get your free copy of Blend: The Game – and enjoy this new game!

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Blend: The Game
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