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Blocks Up – What Goes Down Now Goes Up!

Blocks Up (by AppTouch Studios) is a reverse block-stacking game that turns traditional block-dropping games on their heads, and you’ll encounter a variety of obstacles that will make the gameplay much more challenging than the average. Blocks Up is not your normal block-dropping game. Apparently, the developers have thought outside the average block-dropping game parameters to come up with a unique game concept: what goes down must now go up. I am referring to this app’s block-dropping gameplay which features varied block sizes and shapes that “drop” from the bottom to the top making things very interesting, but that’s not all. There are frequent objects that come out from the side of the screen, and if the falling blocks hit them, the block stops right where they are, which can cause some real problems. There are also speed up arrows that increase your blocks’ dropping speed whether you like it or not, and other little tricks that make this FREE iPhone game more intense.

FREE iPhone Game App ReviewsFREE iPhone Game App Reviews

There are block customizations that you can unlock through in app purchase, like the all black blocks theme, ceramic blocks, etc., as well as power-ups (helpers) like clear screen, undo, and more. I found that the gameplay became increasingly difficult after a short period of time, which caused me to want to come back for more in order to prove I could do better. Blocks Up is a challenging game with a cool twist turning ordinary block-dropping games on their heads — and way worth the FREE download for sure. Watch the video app demo to see how this game plays. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Blocks Up iPhone App Details

Title: Blocks Up
Price: Free
Category: Games
Size: 12.8 MB
Developer: AppTouch
Store: iTunes App Store

Blocks Up iPhone App Download Link

Blocks Up - AppTouch

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Blocks Up iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Blocks Up is an addictive, easy to learn game that will have your mind bending and your fingers flying. This gravity defying block stacking puzzle is in a league of its own. Based on an old favorite, Blocks Up blends the familiar premise of shape sorting with on the fly thinking into one hard to put down app. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

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“Very nice game.”

“This makes a very fun Doll brings you the game is mega cool!!!”
—Josefine Liebaug

“Pretty good to kill time!”

Blocks Up is a perfect example of the phrase “Everything that’s old becomes new again.” Based on a popular old school video game, Blocks Up puts a few new spins on an old favorite. By turning the puzzle board on its head, and adding in obstacles and barriers, users are challenged like never before in their ability to successfully maneuver the puzzle pieces and get them to the top of the board as quickly as they can. You must build an increasing number of walls to pass each level.

Blocks Up Features Include:
★ Easy to learn and follow format
★ Super sensitive controls
★ Modern background music
★ Addictive game play
★ Intuitive user interface
★ Dynamic graphics
★ A lot Objectives to achieve
★ Earn Coins to spend in the in-game store!

Recent additions also include new targets, shops, hidden secrets and helpers to reward your perseverance and talent. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a familiar premise. It’s more like déjà vu in reverse! This upside down, inside out, mind blowing game will leave you cross eyed and hungry for more. Don’t puzzle over your next move. Download Blocks Up now and play!

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