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Bloody Harry, A Zombieville USA Inspired Shooter Game (Video)

Bloody Harry is a “Zombieville USA” inspired shooter game featuring none other than Harry, a really angry cook. Bloody Harry is on a rampage and he’s chopping, smashing, and shooting zombie vegetables level after bloody level in this zombie shooter game.

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This Bloody Harry video review will show you how Harry uses all these deadly tools at his disposal. Believe me, Harry can use them all, everything from a meat cleaver to a crossbow, and all kinds of guns in between.

This zombie shooter game appears to have gone free permanently, which is awesome because you can easily play this game without forking out money. You can get rewarded for your hard work when leveling up and explore some of the extra items to take with you in the level gameplay.

This zombie game is a blast to play and has a bit of blood splatter, but Harry is only killing zombie veggies. So there’s nothing to worry about here, unless you’re a Vegan?

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