Bloody Harry, Funny Android Zombie Shooter Game Tips!

Bloody Harry is fun free-to-play Android zombie shooter game with decent 2D graphics, a funny storyline, and lots of vegetable zombies to kill. Harry is our hero and a self proclaimed veggie-zombie-killing cook who has obviously cut one too many vegetables in his day. As the story goes in this side scrolling Android shooter game, you chop, shoot and explode your way through level after level of odd zombie vegetable enemies. Staying alive is not rocket science in this game. Just point and shoot or melee and smash, cut, and slice! But, there are a few tips to getting a better gaming experience when playing on an Android device.

Bloody Harry Android Zombie Shooter Game App Review

First, head on over to options and choose the Detail selection. The Detail refers to the quality of graphics in this game, while the default is high, this caused virtual control issues on my Nexus 7 (2013). I turned the Detail to Mid, and then returned to playing and found the game to be a bit more responsive. There is also a low setting for those of you on older Android operating systems. And as far as the quality goes for this 2D graphics zombie game, when set to Low or Mid, you won’t notice much of a difference if any. A word of caution: Be careful in the options area! You can reset the game progress and once done any and all unlocked weapons and upgrades will be gone. And Regardless of the detail quality setting, the controls in the Android version of Bloody Harry are not as good as the iOS version, at least currently.

Bloody Harry Android App Review

Now, how do you stay alive in this Android shooter game? Easy, keep moving to the right and shoot or melee to death anything and everything in your path. You have a stock pistol, but you need to purchase ammo. Currently, the additional weapons to unlock are a sawed off shotgun, AK-47, Crossbow, Light Saber, and Chain Saw amongst others. But, all weapons use the à la carte system to get more ammo. Here’s a tip: upgrade your weapons. And here’s a little secret, the shotgun is worth upgrading over the Tommy gun.

bloody harry android app review

The funny part of this zombie app is the funky music and the murmuring one-liner jokes that Harry rips off after mutilating an enemy zombie veggie. The developer who created this game (listed as FDG Entertainment) must have grown up in the ’80s! The music and Freddy Kruger zombie are definitely from this time period, and so am I, and they are clearly recognizable as you play through this slapstick zombie killing game.

Bloody Harry is currently free for the Android in Google Play and can totally be played without spending a penny, making this a great value.

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