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Prison Mayhem, Bluto, Stun Guns, and Bad Food (Video)

Prison Mayhem is one of 99 Games latest releases for the iPhone. This edgy time-management game features Bluto, our buck prison guard, who has to inprocess, feed, punish, release, and search prisoners during this FREE iPhone game play.

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Bluto has several power-ups at his disposal that he can purchase, by completing the level gameplay in a positive manor. Everything from an assistant guard to a priest, there are 56 different upgradeable items to help Bluto keep control of his slammer. The gameplay is fast-paced, enjoyable, and you will need to use your time-management skills to survive your time while playing Prison Mayhem.

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I did enjoy playing this game, not sure the full unlock is worth the money, you will have to be the judge of that, especially since this app is only for the iPhone.

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YouTube App Video Link: Prison Mayhem, Bluto, Stun Guns, and Bad Food [powerpress]


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