Boss Battle HD iOS Universal..Arcade Game Cartoon Mashup!

Battle your way through a goofy storyline with Rico the raccoon, bears and smart ass bosses that sarcastically challenge you along the way. Boss Battle HD, another hit by Backflip Studios is cartoon like Nickelodeon iOS universal freemium game that provides some casual gaming fun. There are 8 stages that can be played at varying difficulty levels, weapon power-ups, and the like that will challenge you along the way. This game lacks depth, but I am guessing Backflip will determine whether or not to add to this game, depending on downloads, what that means is there are probably more levels on the way. Watch our other iPad video app reviews for more awesome iPad app videos.

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Boss Battle HD iPad App Details

Title: Boss Battle HD
Cost: FREE (in app purchases) (iOS universal)
Category: Game
Developer: Backflip Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

Boss Battle HD iPad App Download

Boss Battles HD - Backflip Studios

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

Boss Battle HD iPad App Developer Description

Join Rico the Raccoon as he takes up arms against the scum of the universe!

From the makers of PAPER TOSS and NINJUMP, BOSS BATTLES is an epic top-down space shooter where you take the role of the veteran bounty hunter, taking missions to seek out and destroy renegades of the galaxy and bring peace (and space honey) back to good citizens. To do so, you must collect space gems to upgrade your ship with a variety of enhancements and weapons. It´s up to your skill and dexterity to conquer the vile enemies of the space colonies. Featuring an easy to use touch and shoot navigation system and tons of upgrades for your ship, BOSS BATTLES is sure to keep you hooked from the moment you fire!

Features Include:
o 8 humorous, disgruntled bosses to take down
o An adorable but deadly raccoon
o 5 tiers of difficulty for novices to pros
o A Russian bear who thinks he’s funny
o Plenty of upgradeable weapons, from plasma cannons to homing missiles
o A variety of pods to attach to your ship, including shields and a powerful shockwave attack
o Space bees!
o Game Center support with lots of achievements to collect
o Never-ending, space shooting fun!

Making fun, high-quality mobile games is what we strive for at Backflip Studios. We have seen over 125 million downloads across our suite of games and we greatly value your continued support and feedback.

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Check us out on twitter: @backflipstudios

Thanks for playing!

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