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Boulder Dash XL – Boulder Dash Lives, Bigger, Better, Mobile! (Video)

Boulder Dash XL brings back the original Boulder Dash game, which is now better, mobile, and lots of fun to play!

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Technically, Boulder Dash has been mobile for more than 2 decades. But now it’s really mobile, hitting both the Android OS and iOS platforms as Boulder Dash XL. This version, which is an apparent port of the same named console game, features a boatload of gameplay. There are 5 game modes, with the Arcade game mode having the most game content. You have 100 caves to explore in the various game modes using either Rockford or Crystal (his lovable companion). I played most game modes and found the game played great on my Galaxy Nexus. It was responsive, had really good visuals and sound effects, not to mention challenging gameplay.



Boulder Dash XL is not as easy as your normal casual Android or iOS game. For example, the subtle robot arm movement is non-intuitive in nature and adds a simple level of difficulty. At times, you will find it necessary to move an object or destroy a section without moving your hero. This can be done by using the robot arm or the telescope robot arm. But, be sure to press on the robot button, then use the virtual D-pad to use your robot arm or telescope arm.



Unfortunately, you’re not going to see any of the monsters in our Boulder Dash XL App Video. But, they are there and will appear in later levels as do power-ups.

Boulder Dash XL is a great retro-style game that has been retro-fitted for the Android OS and iOS platforms. It’s well worth the $2.99 price tag.


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