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Free Bowling Game, Bowl With Me – Challenging iOS Arcade Bowler!

Bowl With Me is a seriously challenging bowling game for the iPhone and iPad. This free mobile game can be played alone, online head-to-head or 2-on-2 online team play. If you’re looking for a challenging bowling game that will test your skills, then you need look no further because you’ve found it in the Bowl With Me app.

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There are plenty of mobile bowling games for the iPhone and iPad, but Bowl With Me is one of the more challenging bowling apps I have come across to date. Keep on reading and you will find out everything you need to know to become a better bowler when playing Bowl With Me!

Bowl With Me App Overview

Bowl With Me opens up to eye-popping graphics and mellow jazzy music, which immediately sets the easygoing mood. Let’s bowl! There are 3 game modes to choose from: Practice, Head-to-Head and 2-on-2 Team Play. Practice game mode is single player gameplay and is where you can work on your Bowl With Me gameplay. You also earn coins in Practice game mode based on the number of strikes, spares, strike streaks, and other ratings. There are no game stats for Practice mode, but there is a high score queue featuring funny named (placeholder) players. You can unseat any of these players by beating their scores.

iPad App Review for Bowl With Me Bowling Game

Head-to-Head and 2-on-2 Team Play are both turn-based online game modes and feature a variety of ways to select challengers and teammates. Head-to-Head is your basic “me against you” bowling throwdown. You can select to play a Facebook friend, random online Bowl With Me player or email someone to play with you. As already mentioned, Head-to-Head is turn-based bowling gameplay. You will play your entire 10 frames and then the game turn goes to your opponent. After your turn, you will be taken to the Head-to-Head game queue where you can see all your active games and whose turn it is. You can also nudge opponents that are slow at taking their turns.

iPad App Review for Bowl With Me

2-on-2 Team Play is another online game mode that is also turn based. If you have not already figured it out, you and a selected teammate take on 2 opponents in a 4 player bowl fest. Selecting your teammate and opponents is the same as Head-to-Head gameplay. You can select either Facebook friends, random Bowl With Me community players or invite someone to play through email. As in Head-to-Head, Team Play game mode is turn based with you going first and then the others playing their turns.

Playing either Head-to-Head or Team Play requires coins to enter into a game ranging from 50 coins to 500 coins a game. Look at it as a friendly wager with imaginary money. But coins allow you to buy bowling balls, which come in 3 types: Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Standard bowling balls are plain colors and vary in weight from 8 lbs. to 16 lbs. The Deluxe bowling balls are fancy colored designs, and the Premium balls have a variety of images on them. Both Deluxe and Premium bowling balls range in weight from 8 lbs. to 16 lbs. And all your online gameplay stats can be found in the Career Stats queue on the home screen. This includes info like your rank, best score, etc.

The original download of Bowl With Me is free and gives you 2,000 coins to get started. There are banner, video, and pop up ads, but none appear during actual gameplay – they’re not intrusive. You can upgrade to the Deluxe version of this game for a $1.99 in app purchase. This removes all ads and doubles your coin earnings, which is not a bad deal. But playing this bowling game and beating people at this bowling game will take practice, practice, and more practice.

Arcade Bowling App Bowl With Me Review for iPad

How To Play Bowl With Me

This game was designed to be difficult from the “get go.” Developer, Megugames, purposely made this bowling game more challenging than most, where a high score of 210 is really good. If you are impatient, play 3 or 4 games and you should see improvement. Bowling is as easy as touching the ball then flinging it forward towards the pins. There is a side-to-side (horizontal) adjustment that can be made before rolling your ball down the lane as well as spin. Learning how to use spin in the Bowl With Me app takes time.

At first when you touch the spin pad it will move very rapidly in either direction, sometimes back and forth as if it is impossible to set a spin percentage. The way to set your spin is to hold your finger on the spin pad and gently move it to the left or right until you get your desired spin percentage. Another tip to help your Bowl With Me gameplay is to try using very gentle throws and be sure to use the diamond marks on the lane to help your aim. You will find you’re going to be throwing gutter balls and missing spares. But you will also hit strikes, pickup spares and find out that this game is not impossible.

iPad App Review for Free Bowling Game Bowl With Me

My Take On Bowl With Me

Initially, I found this game to be way too difficult, but the game is designed to be that way. After a few emails with the developer, I understood the intent of the Bowl With Me game engine, which was to challenge the player – not be easy like other arcade bowling games. Once I understood the game and played about 10-20 games, I found myself getting a bit sucked in. I did improve, but not nearly as fast as I would have thought. This is why I got sucked in, I wanted to continue to play to get a higher score, and by the time I was done I had a paltry 151 best for Practice and 131 score for my best Head-to-Head score. I found this game enjoyable, but I would like the spin control to be a bit less touchy. As I pondered this game after playing, I discovered that my Bowl With Me gameplay matched my real bowling game scores. Kind of weird, huh?

Bowl With Me is a fun bowling game, but it is fairly challenging and requires some persistence to score higher. You can test your bowling skills now by downloading your free copy of this game using the link below. Enjoy.

Download The Bowling Game Bowl With Me App Now!

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