Brain Training App, Memory House – A Great Memory Puzzle Game!

Brain Training App Memory House

Memory House is a new memory puzzle game that is more than just a whimsical game for the iPhone and iPad. It can also double as a fun brain training app. Although your brain is one organ among many, it is different than any other organ in your body. Your brain is the control center of your body and actually “learns and grows by interacting with the world through perception and action,” according to the Franklin Institute. So why not exercise it? And as far as brain training apps go, Memory House provides a great brain training game that’ll challenge your ability to remember where items belong through a series of different scenes or pictures.

Memory Puzzle Game for iPhone

Game Details

The Memory House brain training app features a whimsical storyline that is down right silly. The Captain has been practicing “Alchemy” in his free-time, but things have run amock between his mischievous nephew and the uninvited ghost. You will follow the captain through the many rooms in his mansion trying to restore everything to its place. Along the way you will meet some odd characters, like a talking donut, Mr. Mole, and a giant called by another name. As with any good puzzle game, Memory House becomes more difficult the farther you play.

iPhone Brain Training Game

And on the positive side, there are 3 different power-ups to help you complete puzzles. There is an eyeball icon that allows you to look at the picture for a few seconds, a magnet that attracts an item to the correct place, and an hourglass that gives you a little more time. Most brain training apps or memory puzzle games are a bit on the boring side, but Memory House is anything but boring. Between the funny storyline and the vast amount of memory puzzles in this $1.99 iOS Universal game, it should keep you entertained and thinking for quite awhile.

Memory House is a great way to exercise your brain and have some fun at the same time!

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