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Brain Training Game – Clockwork Brain Challenges Your Mind

Clockwork Brain is the best Free brain training game app I’ve come across to date.  Yes, this brain training puzzle game does its job of challenging your mind, but it makes it fun and delivers a beautiful game learning experience at the same time. Clockwork Brain has amazing graphics, unique music and sounds, and 4 interesting brain training mini games to hone your intellect. These brain training games will test and strengthen a variety of skills: memory, math, language processing, and visual/spatial. In addition to the 4 mini games, the Clockwork Brain’s developer, Total Eclipse, is generous with the extra free bonus content you can earn in this Free brain trainer game.

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The cartoon graphics are Victorian in theme and extremely detailed. Your game tour guide is a clockwork-inspired robot named Sprocket. The attention to detail is seen throughout this app, especially in the 4 mini games that come with this Free version. These 4 games are: Scrolling Silhouettes, Missing Tiles, Chase The Numbers, and Anagrams. You play all 4 games one after the other for quick challenges. All games are timed, so you have to work fast and accurately to earn the highest points possible. Each game has a quick info graphic for instruction and different background music. This adds another nice detail to the game.

In the Scrolling Silhouettes game, you are shown a Victorian object and your job is to find its matching silhouette on the of 2-4 moving conveyor belts. Part of the challenge is that the conveyors move in opposite directions. The Missing Tiles game creates an exotic, Indiana Jones ambience. Heavy stone doors open and close to reveal your game board challenge. Quickly count the missing stone tiles because time counts down fast and the game boards keep changing.



The Anagrams game presents you with a beautiful word game board that reminds me of the old, wooden filing cabinets. The ones with brass catalog/name plates. Your word shows up in the center with additional word plates.  The letters are all mixed up so you have to identify which set of letters accurately spell out your target word. This becomes more challenging as more plates are added. The Chase The Numbers game will challenge you to remember the number order of blocks presented, starting from smallest to largest. To challenge you even more, domino pieces are thrown into the mix for a varied counting experience.

At the end of this brain training game, you’ll get a “Student Report” with your overall point total. Keep playing to increase your points and earn upgrades. If you have enough Sprocket Tokens you can unlock Single Mode and play these games individually, instead of the 4 in a row Challenge. You can also get wallpapers and more game content. Earning enough Sprocket tokens enables you to try out the Premium Games for free. This brain training game also has Leaderboards and Challenges, as well as 33 Achievements to complete. Although the Free version of Clockwork Brain has a lot to offer, you’ll probably be inspired to check out the additional in-app purchase game packs for $0.99 each. But the Mega Pack is the best value at $2.99. Clockwork Brain will challenge your mind and appeal to your senses.

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