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Break The Cookie – How To Make The Cookie Crumble?

Break The Cookie (by B&V Games) is an iPhone and iPad game that provides for a little stress relief. There are 42 different destructive weapons and 5 different backgrounds for you to figure out the many ways and places that you can make the cookie crumble. Whether your stress is from work, the kids, family, or etc., we all need to blow off a little steam from time to time and chill out in order to lower the blood pressure a bit.

This app is an excellent form of stress therapy providing a doll-like cookie at your disposal to beat, torture, light on fire, drown, freeze, run over with a vehicle, explode, and beat some more until you feel a little better — sounds so criminal. The best part is that you aren’t really hurting anyone when using this app, nor will you be going to jail after a “Break The Cookie” session. All of the items that you will use to break the cookie are found in the materials section (firearms, cold weapons, explosives, liquids, vehicles, and beaters). Most items will come locked, but can be unlocked with dollars that are either earned through beating and breaking your cookie or through in app purchase. Another feature in this app is the option to personalize your therapy session by adding any Facebook friend’s profile picture in place of the “cookie’s” face.

iphone video app demoiphone video app demo

This app is similar to Kick The Buddy, another stress reliever app that precedes Break The Cookie. However, at the time that Break The Cookie came out (February 2012) Kick The Buddy had been removed from the iTunes App Store and people responded by downloading this app in droves (over 300,000 downloads). Why? Because people like silly games and entertainment like this where you can “torture” a friendly-enough-looking cookie to destruction, refresh, and then start over again. One small issue that you may notice when navigating in the menus (at times) is when you tap on the arrows, they are a bit unresponsive and may activate the weapon sound that you were using prior to entering the menu. But overall, Break The Cookie provides for some mindless stress relief in the form of a cookie that you will eventually break — and is a good grab for anyone looking to get in on this silly fun. How about you? Download the FREE version of this app called Break The Cookie FREE. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad game application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Break The Cookie iPhone App Details

Title: Break The Cookie
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 59.5 MB
Developer: B&V Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Break The Cookie iPhone App Download Link

Break the Cookie - B&V Games

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Break The Cookie iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF! Do Cookie what ever you want with! Therefore we guarantee the weapons for you!

★★★ More than 300 thousand downloads worldwide!★★★

★ Thank you for choosing our games and supporting us with your positive opinion!

★★★ From the makers of STICKMAN MISSION, JUMP BIRD JUMP ★★★

We created a really funny and amusing game for you. You can do everything COOKIE, the cookie-man with!


Key Features:
➡ Fully physically simulated!
➡ This is truly interactive game!
➡ 6 categories
➡ 42 weapons
➡ 5 backgrounds
➡ Lots of ways to punish or entertain your little Cookie!
➡ Break the Cookie and earn money for buying new weapons, items, and mini games!
➡ An easy concept with tons of replay value!
➡ Enjoy breaking the Cookie on a beautiful Retina display!

➡ Now you get a really funny thing! You can choose one of your FACEBOOK-FRIEND and show, what kind of funny things would you like to to with them. Then you can post it on your wall. The bests will get our award.

Grab this game to ensure you’re never without a way to lower your blood pressure or a perfect tool to kill a few spare minute!

For one low price you get the Retina enabled iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch versions of the game!

Throw him many times, and he goes to fall apart, just like a real cookie. But you also can EXPLODE him, HIT him, SHOOT him with a rocket or simply DRIVE HIM OVER.

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