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Android Brick Breaker Game, Ringgz

The Ringgz Android Brick Breaker game puts its own spin on the classic “Arkanoid” game with a slick game concept, a hint of humor, and tricky game rules that all combine for an enjoyable casual game experience. If you have never heard of an arkanoid game, then you are probably not a “Gamer Geek.” But chances are, you’ve at least heard of brick breaker games like Breakout. Breakout was built by the legendary Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1972. Although Ringgz draws its roots from the original Breakout game, some 40+ years later on the Android mobile platform, Ringgz is an original brick breaker game.

Ringzz Free Android Brick Breaker Game

Ringgz Game Overview

Most brick breaker or arkanoid games are played vertical using a paddle to hit a ball upwards towards “bricks” breaking them until the game board is cleared. With Ringgz, the bricks are formed in a circle with layered spaces in between. The ball starts in the middle and begins to go back and forth breaking bricks, but that’s not all. You can spin the bricks in a circle, but the ball does not spin; it remains unaffected. This is where Ringgz gets interesting.

You only have so much spin to use before you fill up the “spin bar” and have to wait for a cool down period before you get to the spinning again. There are several rings to the circle of bricks, again with empty space in between them. Each time you break a complete ring, remaining rings shrink, move inward, and a new outer ring forms. There are also added colored blocks to spice up the gameplay.

Free Android Arkanoid Game

Colored blocks add a variety of depth to the Ringgz gameplay. Standard colored blocks include blue, green, and red colors, and when hit they begin to fill up a score multiplier box (that sits to the bottom left of the brick circle game board). Filling up a row in the score multiplier box adds a 1x multiplier to your entire score. However, if you lose a ball, which happens when it exits the brick circle through a ring opening, you lose your score multiplier.

There are also special Gold blocks that provide a random effect to the game to keep the gameplay interesting. In the “How To Play” section of the app, the developer, Evil Sandwich Studios, alludes to the unexpected results of hitting a Golden Block, “Hopefully you’ll like the surprises.” One such “surprise” is the “Dumb Ball” effect. This is where the ball acts less than normal and propels itself in a very whacky manor. There are plenty of other Golden Block surprises – just hit them and discover them for yourself!

There are scoring sequences like Ping-Pong that increase your score; you will know when this happens. The overall object of the game is to score as many points as you can by playing as long as you can with the 3 balls that you are given for each game.

Free Brick Breaker Game for Android, Ringgz

Ringgz Game Tips

If you have read this far, then you probably have a good understanding of how this game plays. However, there are a few tricks to staying alive longer when playing Ringgz.

For starters, avoid breaking an outer ring block because once you do your ball can exit out of the game into oblivion. Don’t spin the game board like a maniac or you will run out of spin when you really need it. Try to hit the standard colored blocks as much as possible to increase your score multiplier. And with a few games under your belt, you will discover how to use the spin to manipulate the ball, increasing your ball’s aim and making you a better player at this arkanoid game.

Ringgz is a free Android Arcade & Action game with an average user rating of 4.5 in the Google Play App Store. This Android brick breaker game is a Google Play App Store sleeper hit. If you want to check it out, you can download Ringgz for free using the link below or directly from Google Play.

Download The Ringgz Brick Breaker Game Now!

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Android OS Games application, v 1.0.2
Brand: Android OS (Google)
Manufacturer: Evil Sandwich Studios
4.5 based on 44 reviews
$0.00 New

Developer’s App Description

Ringgz is a colorful arcade game where you use a ball to break blocks while trying to keep it inside the screen. Sounds familiar? Yes, much like the classics Arkanoid or Breakout but in a circular fashion. Breaking blocks is Ok, but Ringgz also features a colored four-in-a-row minigame where you make color sequences to increase your points multiplier and make even more points.

Main Features:
– Classic block breaking with a circular twist
– Unlimited gameplay, do the best you can with the balls you have. New rings just keep coming
– Simultaneous color sequence minigame
– Lots of powerups and power-downs
– Many combos and special events to discover and make extra points
– Minimalistic graphic style with vibrant colors, explosions and animations
– Leaderboards integrated with Google+ to share your scores with the world
– Designed for tablets
– It’s Free!
– More game modes coming soon. Stay tuned!

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