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Brick Breaker App – Atlantis Breaker HD, Quality Free Game

Atlantis Breaker HD is an awesome, quality, and free “Brick Breaker” game for the iPhone and iPad. The classic “Brick Breaker Game” has been re-imagined and features 100 overall levels, loads of power-ups, and intense brick breaking gameplay. This free iOS game gets its roots from the classic Atari Breakout game (1978).

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Atlantis Breaker HD keeps the same overall gameplay objective, which is to keep the ball in play using a paddle to break all the bricks for each level. However, this game provides a very well designed underwater “Atlantis” theme, as well as challenging game levels. There are numerous power-ups that fall from breaking specific items that will mostly help you, and there are a few that make the game harder.

The brick breaker gameplay gets really intense at times, typically towards the end of each level when a fury of breaker balls are unleashed through power-ups. In addition to being a good game, Atlantis Breaker HD is also a great value. The game is free to play for the first 20 levels, but you will have to rate the application in iTunes for levels 11-20. You can also purchase the remaining 80 levels for $1.99, which is reasonable. Atlantis Breaker HD is well worth the download, whether you choose to play it for free or purchase the remaining levels!


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