Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel – Fresh Free-To-Play Bubble Shooter Game With Fun Steampunk Theme!

Prepare for epic bubble shooter gameplay as you play Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel, a polished matching game with a unique steampunk-inspired theme that gives this game (and genre) a fresh look and feel.

The Backstory

Grandpa has disappeared while tinkering on his time machine and now you must help rescue Gramps as you play through various historical times in this nicely designed bubble shooter game. But you don’t have to do this alone. You are accompanied by Grandpa’s 2 grandchildren on each game board as you play through the various themed game areas.

Fun Bubble Shooter free to play iOS Universal Game

Bubble Chronicles Game Overview

As far as free-to-play Match 3 games go, Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel is a very good value. It comes with plenty of free gameplay and a non-aggressive in-app purchase requirements. There are currently 7 large game areas based on time and location (Prehistoric, Stone Age, Egypt, Maya, Babylon, Greece and China). Each game area has numerous levels of fantastic bubble shooting, match 3 gameplay with 3 stars to earn on each level.

Of course, the higher the score the more stars, and each level that is successfully completed provides you with an artifact. Accumulate enough artifacts and you can turn them in for coin rewards. All levels can be replayed, and unless you get at least 1 star you will not unlock the next level. Additionally, the prior game area needs to be completed before unlocking the next game area.

iOS Game Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel

There are also amulets and boosts to help you on your epic bubble shooter adventure. You will find the amulets in the Amulet Shop (Amulet of Abundance, Amulet of Eternal Life, Amulet of Vitality, and Amulet of Reflexio), all of which can be purchased using diamonds. The boosts are available before each level using coins and include 5 Balls (provides you 5 extra shooter balls), Rainbow (changes the current bubble into a multi-colored bubble), 10 Balls (provides you 10 extra shooter balls), Rainbow + (changes the current bubble into a multi-colored bubble, 5 times per level), and Fireball (removes obstacles and pops bubbles around them).

Bubble Chronicles iOS Bubble Shooter Game

Yes, diamonds and coins are the in-app currency for Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel. When you initially start the game you are given 2000 coins and a small amount of diamonds. You earn coins through gameplay and can purchase both coins and diamonds through in-app purchase. Bubble Chronicles also features Facebook integration, allowing you to connect and see how you stack up in comparison to your friends. Friends can also help you by sending items to you when requested.

Those are the Bubble Chronicle game features, but how do you play this epic bubble shooter matching game?

Free to play Bubble Chronicles iOS Game

Bubble Chronicles Gameplay

As with most bubble shooter matching games, you have a launcher and you simply tap to shoot. Bubble Chronicle does not just have a regular launcher, it has a cool steampunk cannon to shoot your bubbles out of. Before shooting you have the option to change colored balls (2 can be seen). There are 2 shooting control configurations (aim to shoot and tap to shoot), both can be set from the options section. Once you get your preferred control setting, it’s time to start shooting matches of 3 or more like colors to clear the game board, while trying to score as many points as possible.

In the early game areas, the game is easier, but as you progress you will find the game boards become much longer. Obstacles are introduced (locked bubbles that cannot be popped) and you get less balls to shoot to complete levels. While matching 3 or more like colors is how the game is played, you actually need to clear a certain number of bubbles from the very top row of the game board using the bubbles given to complete each level.

And, scoring points is a bit trickier. At times, bubbles that are not matched may come free when shooting bubbles. These balls fall into numbered containers at the bottom of the game board and can bounce off of pinball style bumpers to increase their point value along the way. Bubbles can also fall in between the containers scoring you no points, which is a bit of a bummer.

And once you shoot the required number of bubbles on the top of the game board, all remaining bubbles left fall into the containers below. And while you can’t do anything about it, you want them to hit the floating score multiplier bubbles numerous times and fall into the containers.

iOS Universal Matching Game App

Bubble Chronicles: Epic Travel is an epic bubble shooter match game that features lush graphics, fun sounds, a simple yet fantastic storyline, and loads of bubble shooting gameplay. See how far you can get in this new free-to-play game that’s now available for iOS, Android OS, Amazon OS, and Facebook (see app download links below).

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