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Budget App, Budget Balance Is One Of The Best Budgeting Apps, See Why!

The Budget Balance app is one of the best iPhone budget apps in the iTunes App Store. This practical iPhone Productivity app helps you track your earnings and what you spend, and presents a variety of reports that are easy for you to digest, especially when on the go.

Apps To Help You Plan Your Budget

I don’t know about you, but as far as activities go, balancing my budget is about as fun as going to the dentist for a root canal. And although budgeting is not fun, this budget app makes tracking your money easy and convenient. It’s not overly complicated and has simple input tabs for expenses and income, both of which can be customized. And it has a colorful display that’ll keep you awake while managing your budget too, unlike most other budget apps that are extremely boring and require a whole lot of learning before you can actually use them.

This Budget Balance app opens up to an Overview screen, which is a financial snapshot of your income and expenses. There are a few view options that you can change for month, year, or for viewing only expenses, or incomes. The Transactions tab is where you will enter all of your expenses and incomes, as well as see a list view using a variety of filters for all transactions.

best budget apps for iphone


App Features

A handy feature in this application is the Recurring tab that is a queue of all your transactions that recur. There is also a Settings tab that has a variety of general app settings that you can change, and a very well done help screen that explains all this Financial app’s features. In addition, there are some nice extras in this budget app like Geo location mapping for all transactions, individual transactions, the opportunity to add a photo to any transaction, and unlimited sub-categories for all your expense and income categories.

While testing the Budget Balance app, I found it was simple to use and each time I opened the app I was greeted with a quick break down of my current income vs. expenses in a handy and colorful blue bar, which would probably be red if my expenses outweighed my income. This is a nice feature that lets you quickly see where you stand financially.

Best iPhone Budget Apps


Budget Balance also has another nice feature in the Report tab that allows you to view all your Incomes, Expenses, and Incomes vs. Expenses in 3 different chart views, all of which can be exported as a PDF as well.

Lastly, you can easily backup your information to DropBox to ensure file restoration if you lose your iPhone or delete the app for some reason.

Budget Balance Overall

Budget Balance is a well rounded and easy to use budget manager app that makes watching your pennies a lot more enjoyable. It’s one of the best budget planner apps for iPhone that I’ve come across so far.

The Best iPhone Budget Apps

Download Budget Balance One Of The Best Budget Apps For The iPhone Now!

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