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– Looking for a new casual app that you can pop open and play for a good five minutes or so? Look no further than Burn the Rope. It combines a unique form of game-play with casual elements. The core of the game-play involves you tilting your device to keep the flame going. One neat feature is the option to change the flame to a different animation. There is an option to change it to one of four different flames. There is the original flame (as seen in screenshots), a flame that looks like a sparkler, another that looks like smoke, and lastly one that looks like a super bright fire ball. There are currently 112 unique levels to conquer. It will be tough for anyone to get a gold medal on all levels since some levels have elements to them that can change your original strategy. Some of these elements include different bugs such as ants. These ants can change the color of your flame, so for example, if there is a stretch of rope that is green, you will need to figure out a strategy in order to hit a green ant to alter the color of your flame. The sounds and graphics are interesting and polished, as well as in-game animations and sprites. This app is also GameCenter enabled and has a leaderboard as well as 42 achievements! (Yes, that’s right, 42!). Overall, this is kid-friendly app and is a nice time-waster for anyone of any age. After multiple long sessions, the app can become a bit repetitive, but for the most part it is a lot of fun. With unique controls and a new polished form of game-play, I can safely say that this is a nice fresh new app to add to your casual game collection.

Broken down into bits that are easier to read:

iPhone App Features:

112 well-made levels

Slick retina graphics

Catchy soundtrack

iPhone App Icon:

Represents the app well and is not an eye-sore


Overall the graphics work well with the app. None of them look pixilated or blurry.

iphone app reviewiphone app review


The soundtrack sounds very unique and is not annoying to listen to over long periods.

Re-play Value:

This app has a good amount of re-play value, but after a while it becomes slightly repetitive.


iPhone App Details

Title: Burn the Rope
Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Store: iTunes App Store

Burn the Rope - Big Blue Bubble

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