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Burnout™ CRASH! – Destroy Everything!

Smash and crash your way through Burnout CRASH!(by Electronic Arts), a game where the objective is to create the largest roadway disasters possible throughout each of the 3 game modes, 6 different locations, and 18 various traffic intersections. This game comes to us from Criterion Games, but is published by EA, and has been in existence on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 before coming to the iOS platform as an iOS universal app. The game begins with a pickup (which you can only change the color of), then using your finger you drive your truck into the first intersection — of course causing an accident. This is where it gets a little weird as far as the controls go. During the rest of the gameplay, which is actually most of the gameplay, you use your finger to slide your truck into more cars and buildings — basically anything you can get to blowup. While this is not a hard concept, the car’s response to your finger swipe at times is delayed and at other times your vehicle moves very fast, making it a bit inconsistent. I’m sure this is somehow baked into the difficulty and characteristics of each vehicle, as more vehicles can be unlocked with stars, such as vans, semi-trucks, etc.

Burnout Crash iPad video app reviewBurnout Crash iPad video app review

You may ask yourself, “Is there any real gameplay other than errantly swiping your vehicle on an iPad or iPhone?” I am thinking this will be a personal decision based on what you consider real gameplay. The funky control-swiping action did not turn me off, I actually found the destroying aspect of the game quite fulfilling. There are plenty of extras in the game that kept me interested in playing like the Pizza Truck. Once you crash into the Pizza Truck you get a chance to spin a Wheel of Fortune type wheel with some demented items, as well as a cash option. Burnout CRASH! is a decent casual game that would probably be better priced at the $1.99 price point, and don’t be surprised to see this one plunge to $0.99 to keep it alive. As for me, I like the game concept quite a bit because I enjoy blowing stuff up virtually and in real life (don’t worry, nothing like this). Check out the Burnout CRASH! iPad video app review for a look at the gameplay for this iPad game. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

Burnout™ CRASH! iPad App Download

Title: Burnout™ CRASH!
Cost: $4.99
Size: 145.8 Mb
Category: Games
Developer: Electronic Arts
Store: iTunes App Store

Burnout™ CRASH! iPad App Download

Burnout™ CRASH! - Electronic Arts

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Burnout™ CRASH! iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

MASTER THE DISASTER! Burnout™ CRASH! explodes onto iPhone and iPad with huge pile-ups, mega disasters and more! Crash and burn with this spin-off from the award-winning console series.


Activate catastrophic Super Features and trigger road-shattering disasters like tornados, tidal waves, asteroids, and even UFOs!

Race against the clock in Rush Hour, stop traffic and cause huge disasters in Road Block – or indulge your pyromaniac tendencies in Pile-Up!

Use intuitive swipe-and-tap controls to steer vehicles, trigger explosions and rack-up scores across 3 game modes, 18 traffic junctions, 54 events, and 6 themed locations.

Beat your friends’ scores and challenge them to turn-based smashups with Autolog.

Ready to blow stuff up? Embrace your road rage with Burnout™ CRASH!

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