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Business Thank You Cards App, Send E-cards and Real Cards from Your iPhone And iPad

iPhone App Review for ThankYouPro Business App

Even in today’s high tech business world, manners still matter. And thanks to the ThankYouPro – Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards app, by Zendoa, you can send “handwritten” business thank you cards, holiday greeting cards, and all occasions cards right from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. But this free Business app delivers more than just a generic card with your name on it. The ThankYouPro app gives you the opportunity to personalize, customize, and create all kinds of professional-looking cards before sending off as a virtual E-card or real paper card through First Class mail, which can also include a thoughtful gift card if you like.

ThankYouPro – Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards App

Just because we live in the Digital Age of computers, smartphones, voicemail, email, text, FaceTime, Skype calls, etc., that doesn’t mean that polite manners and expressions of gratitude shown through thank you notes are a thing of the past.

And with the convenience of today’s technology (a.k.a. a mobile application and your smartphone/tablet), you can literally create and send a handwritten card in a matter of minutes from anywhere in the world for no money at all, or for $2.99 or less for a card that’s mailed on your behalf.

iPhone App Review for the ThankYouPro Business Cards app

So what situations call for a card? There are plenty of reasons for business professionals to send business thank you cards: customer loyalty/appreciation, placed orders/closed deals, lead generation/referrals, job interview, job well done, phone conversations, time spent meeting in person, among many others.

And of course, there are plenty of different occasions when it’s appropriate to send other types of corporate/business cards as well. And the the ThankYouPro – Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards has you covered there too.

What’s Inside The ThankYouPro – Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards App

This card creator app lets you use card templates to quickly and easily send professional business cards, but also gives you the option to create your own custom card covers, giving you greater flexibility that helps you avoid that generic card feel. Every one of your cards can appear as sincere handwritten thank you notes or greetings due to the variety of handwritten/printed font style options, font sizes, color choices, and the ability to angle your writing on a slant. And once you add your authentic signature and company logo or picture, these cards can’t help but appear genuine and personal.

iPhone App Review for Business Cards App

Although the main focus of this Ecard app is for business thank you cards, the ThankYouPro app comes with 7 corporate greeting card categories overall: Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, Holiday, Sympathy/Get Well, Thank You, and Thinking of You. Technically there are 80+ cards inside this free mobile app. However, if you want access to more than the 23 business thank you cards included in this free mobile app, you’ll have to unlock the rest through in-app purchases of $0.99 for the various other card packs. I should also mention that of the 23 business thank you cards included, 2 can be used as all occasion cards since they do not have any printed words on the front of the card.

In general, these card designs have a professional look and give off the expected business/corporate feel. According to the developer’s app description, they have “Over 20 professional designs created by award winning artists and designers.” Depending upon your own personal preferences, some designs will be more appealing than others.

Cards styles range from classic to contemporary. Overall, these cards do have personality, albeit restrained. Some card designs are more friendly and casual, and others lean more towards the conservative/formal side. And if you just don’t see a card design that tickles your fancy, then you also have the option to use an image from your camera roll or take one with your camera to use for the card front you want to send.

As a business professional, there are times when you need, should or want to send cards for other occasions besides saying thank you. You can easily do that with the ThankYouPro app. Some specific card types worth pointing out from the other greeting card categories include Congratulations. Aside from basic “Congratulations” card, there are a couple of specific congrats cards for retirement and baby. The Holiday cards group comes with the all inclusive “Happy Holidays,” but also includes Hanukkah and Christmas greetings as well.

Thank You Business Cards App Review

How To Customize and Personalize Your Business Thank You Cards and Greetings

The ThankYouPro app makes it easy for you to personalize and customize your cards, just type your note and the application will automatically limit the writing to the size of the card. You can also resize your text to be bigger or smaller, which comes in handy if you decide to add a photo or you company logo.

There are several handwritten text fonts to choose from as well as color options for your written note. One extra “attention to detail” feature that authenticates the handwritten feel is the option to slant your text up to the right. If you like, you can next add a photo of choice or your company logo, then sign your authentic signature with your finger or stylus and you’re ready to send.

ThankYouPro gives you the freedom to move and resize your signature and photo/logo around the card, which is very helpful. Another nice feature about your authentic signature is that you can create several signature types (first name only, first and last name, etc.) and these will all be saved for you to use when creating other cards in the future.

What About the Quality of the Cards?

By now, you might be asking yourself about the quality of these corporate cards being sent to your boss, client and others. So, are they any good? According to the developer, these cards are printed on 100# satin gloss card stock and mailed First Class within 24 hours after being created and “sent” by you. Cards come in A2 size (5.5×4.2.5) landscape format. One nice perk about using the ThankYouPro app is that your first mailed card is free of charge, making this a good way for you to test out the greeting card quality for yourself before sending to others.

What Are Your Send options?

Once you’ve create your personalized card, you have the following send options: mail as a real card, mail and include a gift card, email, post to Facebook, or deliver as a text message. However, to send a card in any form, you’ll need to create an account with an email or use your Facebook account, and created password.

When sending through the postal service, you can you address the card manually or pull the contact information in from your address book. And if you’re feeling generous you can include a gift card in the greeting card you are sending directly from within the app. There are a wide variety of gift card sources in a range of dollar amounts ($5 – $50), which appear to be redeemable in the US only. Currently there are 25+ gift cards available for online and in-store use from places such as Barnes & Nobles, Bass Pro Shops, Fannie May Chocolates, Jelly Belly, Lowe’s,, JCPenney, T.G.I Friday’s, Papa John’s Pizza, SpaWeek, and many more.

iPhone App Review for the Business Thank You Cards App

But before you send via the postal service, you’ll need to “Buy A Stamp.” In reality, you are actually paying to have your card printed, physically put in the envelope with a First Class stamp, and then picked up/dropped off at the post office. Cards in the US and Canada run $2.99 (1 stamp) and cards outside US require 2 stamps, but you can buy credit stamps in bulk and save yourself a little more money the more you buy (1 – 20 stamps).

But Wait…There’s More!

If you’re interested, there are some extra benefits. When I visited the website I discovered some useful app information and FAQs to help you out. But the best thing about visiting the website was the option to get a free downloadable ebook for business professionals (with your email) – “The Business Person’s Guide to Writing Thank You Notes.” After I downloaded it and read through it, I’d have to say that the ebook is very basic, but still has some helpful advice/tips.

Overall Thoughts

The ThankYouPro – Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards App is a great way to keep up on your social graces without too much effort or out pocket expense. This iOS Universal E-card app was released in 2012 but continues to get updates that improve and make the app even better; the last update was just a few days ago. This card making app also has an overall 5 out of 5 stars rating in the iTunes App Store, out of 265+ user reviews. I’d say it’s worth a download. What about you?

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Developer: Zendoa LLC.
iOS Universal Business Application, v. 2.1, Cost: $0.00
ThankYouPro -Mail Thank You & Greeting Cards
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 04/11/2014
Great app to send a quick thank you to business contacts, co-workers, employees, or others.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

ThankYouPro, LLC is located in Boulder, Colorado.

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