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Best Cooking App, Butterball Cookbook Plus Is For More Than Thanksgiving!

It’s hard to think of the Thanksgiving holiday and not also think of the trusted Butterball turkey brand. Now, Butterball has given us a reason to love them all year long with their awesome Food & Drink app Butterball Cookbook Plus – Recipes for Thanksgiving & Every Day Occasions. As its app name implies, this iPhone and iPad app has easy recipes appropriate for your Thanksgiving dinner, and lots of simple and tasty “everyday” recipes to please your family throughout the year.

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Aside from the many quick and simple recipes in this recipe app are lots of useful and time-saving features. The Butterball app has theme categories to filter meal searches, a meal planner, shopping list, turkey-related articles and how-to videos for some handy turkey tips. You’ll also find a built in timer, conversion and substitution charts, a cool exclusive “Voice Command” function, and new Free recipes added each month.

This iPhone and iPad app comes with 255 recipes initially, but I also downloaded October’s 10 free recipes once inside the app for a total of 265 tasty meal ideas. Obviously the majority of these recipes revolve around Butterball’s turkey meat products (bacon, sausage, variety of turkey cuts, deli meat, ground, and whole turkey), but also covers additional non-meat dishes like stuffing, cranberry sauce, desserts, and more.

You’ll find approximately 11 whole turkey recipes. Roast Turkey with Mediterranean Rub came up as a “Top-Rated” recipe, and personally, I try out top-rated recipes first trusting that they are “tried and true” by the majority in the community. Another nice thing about Butterball being a turkey recipe app is that you don’t have to fret trying to find good recipes for all that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner. There are plenty of interesting and tempting recipe ideas worth trying here.

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Each dish comes with a prep method, difficulty level, ratings, ingredients, easy directions, and a “MyNotes” to add your own personal input. The App is divided into 3 main category/filter areas (Explore, Info, and a bottom navigation area). You can start in the Explore area (that runs along the far left in vertical fashion). It has a search functionality as well as specific category filters to save you time: top rated, dish, product, cuisine, prep method, 9 themes, recently viewed, monthly features, and collections.

All of your chosen filters show at the bottom in the “Filters Selected” area. This filtering function is great because it allows you to quickly gain access to only the recipes types you’re interested in. I really like these helpful theme categories that save you time when trying to find the right recipes to fit your situation: Comfort Food, Entertaining, Game-Time Pleasers, Healthy Lifestyle, Kid-Friendly, Leftovers, Outdoor Cooking, Savor the Holidays, and Take It to Go. There are even common favorite ethnic group recipes to choose from.

I was thrilled to discover the adjustable dish serving amount (+ or -) feature, which is always missing in a lot of these recipe apps. However, I was disappointed that it doesn’t apply to all recipes, nor does it adjust quantity amounts reflected in the preparation steps for the recipe.

But, this cooking app does offer a shopping list feature. Adding recipes to the shopping list is easy and can be viewed: By Recipe or By Ingredient. You can also add items to your shopping list. The only problem I had with the shopping list function was that I was able to unintentionally add the same recipe 3 times without realizing it right away, triplicating all the same ingredients on my list. It would be nice if there was a default/automatic message alert to notify you if a recipe has been added more than once.

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A fun component to this app is the “Stir” function that mixes things up and provides random recipes based on your filter/search results. A couple of other great feature have more to do with the food prep process: when in Prepare Mode the text font enlarges for distance reading, but my favorite thing is the futuristic Voice Command function that keeps your iPad clean and your hands free by letting you speak specific commands like “Next,” “Back,” “Up,” “My Notes,” (etc.) completing your command after it’s spoken (the command flashes on the screen beforehand). I tested 3 commands and they worked as advertised. Now if I could only get my kids to listen that well.

Accessing the Bottom horizontal categories (recipes, my recipe box, meal builder, and store) allows you to do a variety of things like access all recipes, place selected recipes in your “box” as your favorites, create a meal plan by placing chosen dishes on a board for viewing; and in the Store, you’ll find new paid and free recipes each month. For this month you can purchase a variety of Thanksgiving menu packs: Gluten-Free, Gourmet, New Cooks, and Traditional Thanksgiving menu, but they will cost you an additional $0.99 each.

Another thing to point out (because it’s hidden) is that anything you need to know about this recipe app can be discovered in the information area icon (top left). You’ll find a ton of useful information here like: Conversions, Substitutions, Shopping List, Timers, How-To Videos, Articles, and About.

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Overall, I think it’s a great Thanksgiving or everyday recipe app for simple and easy-to-make recipes that won’t break the bank. The Butterball Cookbook Plus – Recipes for Thanksgiving & Everyday Occasions app delivers recipes that are comforting and good homemade dishes, but definitely not gourmet. However, that’s what makes Butterball so relatable to all of us practical-everyday-down-to-earth families.

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