Perfect All-in-1 Calculator App For Everyday Use

If the standard calculator app doesn’t impress you, then you’ll want to check out the Calcul8 – Everyday Calculator Wizard app. This magical iPhone app puts some of the most useful calculating functions right in the palm of your hand with quick access to a Percentage Calculator, Sale Price Calculator, Date Calculator, Gratuity Calculator, Loan Calculator, and of course, your easy Pocket Calculator.



Calcul8 – Everyday Calculator Wizard is the perfect all-in-1 calculator app for everyday use. This Utilities app has a sleek and intuitive user interface with a simple dashboard that allows you quickly access your preferred function using easy swipe gestures. By typing in some input number values, this app will calculate everything you need in a matter of seconds.

Now you’ll be able to easily figure out everybody’s portion of the dining bill, which includes adjustable tax and tip percentage amounts. In a flash you’ll be able to calculate your monthly payments on loan amounts, with interest, before signing on the dotted line. Quickly calculate sales discounts to find out how much money you’ll save and what you’ll actually spend before going to the register.



And you gotta love an app that saves you the headache of figuring out a value’s increase and decrease percentage. This calculator app even helps you with date calculations. Simply enter in a person’s date of birth and the Calcul8 – Everyday Calculator Wizard app calculates a person’s age based on his or her birthday. You can also find out the difference between 2 dates, what day a specific date falls on, and even add or subtract time increments from a specific date.

So if you’re looking for the perfect all-in-1 calculator app with practical “bells and whistles,” Calcul8 – Everyday Calculator Wizard app might be what you’re looking for.

Calcul8, Calculator App Features

Percentage Calculator
Working out percentage calculations by hand can be extremely confusing. Calcul8 can give you answers to 8 popular calculations:
– Percentage (%) of a Number – What is the % (a) of a value (b)
– Percentage (%) Changed – How much value (a) has changed from value (b)
– Percentage (%) Difference – What is the % difference between value (a) and (b)
– Original Number – The value (a) is (b)% of what number
– Percentage (%) Increase – What is value (a) increased by % (b)
– Percentage (%) Decrease – What is value (b) decreased by % (b)
– Before Percentage (%) Decrease – What was value (a) before a (b)% decrease
– Before Percentage (%) Increase – What was value (a) before a (b)% increase

Sale Price Calculator
Sale shopping? Yes! But how much is 35% off? Calcul8 will tell you how much you will pay and how much you will save.

Date Calculator
Performing calculations with dates and times is almost impossible to work out in your head. Calcul8 can help you with 4 popular calculations:
∙Age – A person’s age and time until their next birthday
∙Difference – How much time there is between two dates
∙What Day – What day a particular date falls on, and which week of the year it is in
∙Arithmetic – Add or subtract time from a date

Gratuity Calculator
You’ve all had a great meal and maybe a few too many glasses of wine. But now it’s time to work out how to split the bill. Easy… let Calcul8 work it out for you!

Loan Calculator
Loans. A necessity for a lot of people these days. Understand exactly what a loan will cost you with these 5 useful calculations:
– Simple Amortisation – Amortised interest mortgage calculation
– Simple Interest – Simple interest calculation
– Compound Daily – Interest calculated daily
– Compound Monthly – Interest calculated monthly
– Compound Annually – Interest calculated annually

Pocket Calculator
– A simple everyday pocket calculator

What’s new
– Stores values like tax that probably remain the same
– Added Simple Amortisation calculator to loans
– Added separators to long results values e.g. 2,400
– Enlarged keypad buttons for easier entry and readability
– Added Tip Amount value to the tip calculator

If you like the Calcul8 – Everyday Calculator Wizard app be sure to download this app now using the links below before it goes back to paid!

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