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Camera ZOOM FX, Take Pro Pictures With This Android App

Camera ZOOM FX, by androidslide, is hands down the very best Photography app for the Android.

Camera ZOOM FX Android App Review

The stock Android camera app (or any other Android photo app) is lame compared to the Camera ZOOM FX app. This app not only takes fantastic pictures, but it also provides a massive amount of editing features and super easy social sharing.

Camera ZOOM FX is also packed with little tweaks that allow you to customize your Android device buttons. For example, you can make your volume buttons work as zoom in and zoom out buttons. I did this while testing on my Galaxy Nexus, and when used, I got a horizontal zoom bar at the bottom of the viewing window. The zoom worked perfectly and using the volume buttons made it much easier to manipulate this functionality.

Android App Review for Camera ZOOM FX

There are many other settings that can be customized, truly making the Camera ZOOM FX app your very own. Once done shooting a pic, there are loads and loads of editing features. There are 20 Color FX, 15 Frames, 10 ready made presets, tilt, distort, crop, and the editing feature list goes on. Camera ZOOM FX also features the fastest picture taking of any Android app, 10 shots per second and the ability to combine effects using non-destructive editing.

Best Android Photography App

Sharing your images is also super easy. Once you’re done capturing photos and editing, you can share everywhere. You can immediately save & close your current picture, or save a copy and/or send out through Email, SMS, or social media. I was quickly able to post pictures to Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. Besides being a killer camera app, Camera ZOOM FX is also updated frequently by the developers, providing you continued support for your purchase. There are also several free companion apps created by androidslide that can be used with this app.

Best Photo App for Android

Apps such as: Scary Halloween ghouls and ghosts, Picture Frames, Composites, Buddy Pack and more, all made by androidslide. These apps provide entertainment and additional photo editing, expanding the depth of the original Camera ZOOM FX app.

One last feature worth mentioning is the ability to import previously taken photos from your camera roll into this app. This allows you to edit any existing photo easily.

There are numerous other features not mentioned in this blog post, but if you have read this far you have probably realized the Camera ZOOM FX app is a “Rock Star” photo app for Android Devices. And a steal at only $2.99.

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